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Random News Worth Checking Out

I often come across an interesting study, a fabulous article or some other random thing. I typically post such finds on facebook or twitter. But if you tweet and/or facebook like I do (which is not very faithfully) you tend to miss a lot of stuff. Here are 5 things I hope you didn’t miss.

If you have a random blog post or news item that struck you as particularly great, please share in the comments.

1. This post from Creative Star Learning Company has a ton of Earth Day activity ideas, many that correlate with books. This particular post highlights one of my favorite kids’ books called I’m In Charge of Celebrations by Byrd Baylor, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the post there’s about 56 different links to other Earth Day activities.

2. The very title of this article beckoned me to read it, and I was so glad I did! Einstein May Never Have Used Flashcards, but He Probably Built Forts. It’s one of the best articles on outdoor play, imagination and childhood that I’ve read in a long time.

3. Growing a Naturalist: Developing a child’s passion for nature. On of those articles that makes you say “aaaaah”. My favorite quote:

The way to grow a naturalist – someone with a voracious appetite to learn about the wonders of nature and an appreciation for what is found there – requires just two ingredients: unstructured time in natural places and an adult who models respect for nature and enjoys the outdoors.

4. I’ve been scheming a bikepacking trip. But with a new baby on the way, when exactly is that a good idea? I came across this article Babies First Bike Tour: At What Age? I thought it had some good insights, and at times made me sorta laugh.

5. You know what else made me sorta laugh. This video. Gotta get the gear…

Exciting happenings with the outsidemom crew!

Today’s post is a little different. There have been some exciting things afoot in the lives of the people who make outsidemom function. These new developments bring me such joy, I have to share. Please indulge me while I update you on happenings in our personal lives, so that if you’ve thought that perhaps we seemed distracted, reset assure we kind-of were.

Outsidemom blog designer, tech crew, social media instigator, strategic adviser

You don’t ever really hear about Travis, but he’s my brother (and world’s greatest Uncle). I’d been thinking about this blog for years before it existed.  I’m 100% sure I would still be thinking about it if it wasn’t for Travis.  He designed it, got it working, helped me set up my facebook and twitter accounts, and fielded ten thousand questions as I took my first steps into the blogging world.

If, over the next year, my blog begins to falter, it’s because my brother has moved on to bigger and better things, but I couldn’t be prouder. Besides, when he’s rich and famous he can hire someone to fix all the weird things I’ve done to my blog trying to maintain it myself. His first single hit iTunes and his music video (shot in my old stomping grounds, so the scenery is fabulous) came out today. I’m not usually a country music fan, but one might say I’m a fan of Travis Marshall.

Did I mention I was proud? Oh, did I also mention he’s single… (more…)

A risk worth taking? I want your thoughts.

Last week Adventure Parents posted a link (on their facebook page) to an article about a woman rock climbing with a  two-year-old on her back

This article was accompanied by the photo on the right.

I wanted to comment on his post. I just couldn’t find the words… I mean, the photo looks pretty sketchy, and while I personally wouldn’t have felt comfortable with this, I sorta get why she made this decision. I know what it’s like to want so badly to continue all the outdoor hobbies you did before you had children. You crave that feeling of adventure, adrenaline, the freedom and just plain feeling like yourself!

…and lets face it, you want to prove wrong all those people who made you think your adventurous life was over the day you got pregnant.

I’ve been just as tempted as the next guy to strap a pack-n-play to the front of a raft. But it never seemed quite like the good idea I wanted it to be. For me it came down to the risks involved. Or is it because as Menna says in the article: we have become a “sue-and-blame culture” where “so many people are nervous, so afraid of getting into trouble, and taking small risks.”?

I want your thoughts on this! Does this look like a “small risk”? Do you agree with her decision? Is our culture just over paranoid?

All thoughts are welcome!

Random News Worth Checking Out

Often, in our internet wanderings we come across an interesting study, a fabulous article or some other random thing. I typically post such finds on facebook or twitter. I’m terrible at tweeting, but have you noticed all the cool stuff on our facebook page these past few months? That’s because I made Olivia an administrator. Days when there’s actually stuff posted on the facebook page it’s because Olivia is successfully distracting herself from dissertation writing. It’s great!

BUT, for those who may have missed a good link, or aren’t on facebook, I’m posting a few favorites I’d recommend checking out. And #6 is totally random, but it’s something I’ve thought about a lot this month, therefore it’s also worth mentioning.

If you’ve come across any noteworthy links in your internet wanderings leave it in the comments!

1. Things to do with your kids this winter:
Turn a table into a playhouse with a few roller shades and some markers. Get a cardboard box (this video is awesome, all 8 minutes of it, trust me), or maybe several… Make a biosphere that can actually keep things alive! (more…)

Random News Worth Checking Out

A few times a week I come across an interesting study, a fabulous article or some other random thing. I typically post such finds on facebook or twitter. But if you tweet and/or facebook like I do, (i.e. an average of 10 minutes a day spent on both) you miss a lot of stuff.

So, in case you missed these, here are 5 links from the past few weeks I’d recommend checking out.

1. Making Time from Women’s Adventure Magazine. I love every word of this article. Maybe it was the timing (feeling a little burned out) or maybe it’s that I feel like the woman who wrote this totally gets me. For me, still going on adventures with my girl friends is essential. (more…)

Meet OutsideMom Contributor: Olivia

Last week, after frantically finishing up a bunch of contract work (yes, I have a day job), getting stuff together for pre-school and finishing a blog post, I stood up, looked around my office (which had pretty much turned into a toy room) and realized something… When I started this blog I promised myself that it would never cut into my family time, never cause me to shirk my other duties and never, heaven forbid, cut into our outside time. I realized my life was actually getting to that point.

I needed help. And I found it.

Allow me to introduce a new member to the OutsideMom team: Olivia.

I toyed around with a few titles for her, ‘idea-bouncer,’ ‘schedule-maker,’ ‘sanity-checker,’ ‘coolest-girl-ever,’ but in the end I settled on ‘Contributor.’ Olivia will be contributing posts a few times a month.

I wanted to introduce you to Olivia before her first post tomorrow, so asked I her to send me some bullet points to get me going. Her first round of bullet points I found hilarious, and I’m sure were not meant to make it into the final version of the bio, but guess what? It did. Here are her bullet points, and here is me decoding them for you. (more…)


    I'm Lindsey. I'm an environmental educator, my husband's a biologist. The outdoors is infused into everything we do; which explains why I'm better at mud pies than home decorating. More About Me

    I don't blog alone! Meet outsidemom contributer Olivia