Desert camping with an 11-month-old quadruped.

I forgot how hard it is to camp with an semi-mobile infant. They crawl around camp picking up dirt and rocks and sticking it in their mouth. They make attempts to eat rabbit poop and are fascinated by cacti, drop offs and sharp natural objects. I swear Viv’s got to be well on her way to developing a gizzard after last weeks camping trip.

Camping with a crawling baby.

None-the-less we had a great trip last week. We spent  a few days at our vacation home in Southern Utah (aka my parents house) then headed even further south for a little (aka a lot) sun on the Nevada/Arizona boarder. Spring fever is in full swing around here now.

I’ll let the photos do the talking. Happy almost spring everyone.


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  1. I read this title as “Camping with 11 month old Quadruplets” like 5 times. I was shocked… what super parents are taking their quadruplets camping?? Actually, my cousins in Ohio had Quadruplets last year (they just turned 1 year old). I wonder if they are planning any camping trips for this summer!! (These are my baby cousins:

    • Kate –

      hahaaaa! I’m not so sure I’d take quadruple quadrupeds camping. Ever. It took one full time parent just to track one quadruped. I wonder how someone would take 4… huh. that sort of a scary thought!

  2. I love that image. Really I do. My husband and I love Southern Arizona with a HUGE passion. I could live in Zion National Park. I really enjoy our blog. My husband and I are “outdoors” people. When we had our son we dreamed of all the campouts we would have. 2 years later our son was diagnosed with serve Autism. I began to wonder how our love for the outdoors ever mix with a child who is unable to follow 2 step instructions??? Turns out, very well. Our son prefers the outdoors to indoors immensely. It is also nice, he talks very little, so we all enjoy the sounds of nature together. Thank you for an uplifting blog.

    • I Chari –

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. That’s really awesome that you have been able to incorporate the outdoors into what sounds like a little autism therapy. I’ve heard that the outdoors can do great things for kids with ADHD and Autism, I wish someone would do moe research on that… Not sure how long you have been following the blog, but did you see this article last year? it was one of my favorites, you will probably be able to relate on some level.

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