12 activities for getting outside on a windy day.

Since March is typically famous for it’s windy days, I’ve been brainstorming new and exciting things for my kids to do when I throw them outside in a windstorm. Some of these ideas we’ve tried, others I greatly look forward to trying.

Build a storm proof hut
We do this activity quite often. Challenge your kids to go out and make a structure that will not blow away in the wind. Our favorite wind hut prop is our plastic swimming pool. It’s always very exciting when we fail and the pool goes flying across the yard.

Make wind chimes
Get a stick and dangle all sorts of noise making objects from the stick. Nails, jar lids, shells, beads, silverware, tin cans, bells etc. Hang them up in the wind and listen to the beautiful music you’ve created.

Conduct experiments
Get some of your clothes out of the washing machine, hang some outside and some in the house. Which one dries faster?  Make paper airplanes and fly them both outside and inside. Do they fly the same? The possibilities are endless here.

Make parchutes for toys
Get out some little toy figures, stuffed animals, cars or even rocks. Make them little parachutes and see if they set sail. Might want to also tie a string to the toy in case this works a little too well.

Make a kite
Making kites is easy. We’ve made them out of paper bags and garbage bags. There are more kite tutorials on the web than their are ostriches on the planet.

Make a boat with a sail
If you live by the water try to make a boat and put a sail on it. Might just work? I particularly like the idea for a plastic bottle boat.  Olivia’s husband did this on the pond behind the house a lot as a kid.  One year he had a contest with his siblings; the person who’s boat made it across the pond first got to name their new goats.  His sister won and named them Frank and Cindy, after their parents.

Try to fly
Within reason of course. Try getting on a skateboard with an umbrella. Jump on the trampoline with an old sheet. Lean into a strong wind with a trench coat on.  Spend some time feeling the power behind a stormy day.

Blow Bubbles
Blow GIANT bubbles.

Take a hike
Taking your kids for a hike in all sorts of weather has its advantages.  It throws them off their game a bit.  Adds some excitement and unpredictability which is good for them.  Hiding from the wind, looking for those natural places that the wind misses, is always fun.  Stop for a bit and build a natural shelter.  Look for other animals hiding from the breeze.  Sing into the wind from a high place–you’ll be amazed how a gust can steal it right from your lungs.  Wind means change and always makes me anxious; teach them to embrace that crazy feeling the wind stirs up in your soul.

Make a wind sock
Here are some instructions for a wind sock complete with a weather vane. If you’re like us you have plenty of lonely socks lying around.

Make windy day observations
Once again, appeal to your child’s inner scientist. Have your kids sit outside and listen to the sounds,  let them sit by the window and write down or draw observations. Tie different items to a clothesline outside and see how each one acts different in the wind.

Make a pinwheel
Here are some pinwheel instructions. I’d suggest quadrupling this recipe and making it out of more durable materials to create a giant outdoor pinwheel. I’m still trying to decide what to make this out of. Suggestions?

What else can be done outdoors on a windy day?

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  1. Daktari

    When I was a kid, my siblings and I would make kites from scrap newspapers and sticks we had found in the yard. We always had great fun. My brothers could make their kites go much higher than mine.

  2. Some great ideas. I love the energy kids get on rainy days. A hike is a especially favorite way for me to spend the day.

    I’m keen to create a wind sock with my daughter – so we can learn which way the wind comes from.

  3. Bonnie

    When I was a kid, a wind storm was the most exciting kind. We took the opportunity to climb to the top of the pine trees in the back yard so we could sway with them in the wind, clinging like monkeys at the very top. I still watch the tops of trees in the wind, wishing I could be up there.

  4. What great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them. I’ll try some out this weekend.


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