Review and GIVEAWAY of kids Chacos

Giveaway is closed, thanks to all who entered. Congratulations to the winner MAURA LANSFORD!

My son has two pairs of Chacos now. The Zanda and the Z/1 EcoTread. I reviewed the Z/1 this summer, and after running around the desert and sloshing through slot canyons I’ve deemed the Z/1 the greatest kid shoe ever. And why shouldn’t they be? Chaco sandalas are the greatest adult shoe ever too, in my opinion.

This time around Chaco has provided me with a pair of Zandas to review, which have been my sons primary footwear since summer (pictured below assisting him on a rope swing).

A few words I would use to describe this shoe:

It’s made on a Chaco foot bed so the sole is super thick and hardy. Your child will definetly outgrow the shoe before he/she wears down the sole.

He’s hiked with them in the summer and never complained about hot feet, he’s also worn them through last weeks snow storms and didn’t mention cold feet. They have padded mesh screens on top which let air in, and their not gore-tex, so walking through the snow isn’t an option, but walking on top of packed snow was fine.

Kid Friendly
There are no laces, which means that my 5-year-old could put them on all by himself. A welcome treat for sure.

If you buy (or win) these shoes get a size (or two) bigger than you think you’ll need. My son’s size 12 Z/1’s fit him perfectly, so I ordered a size 13 Zanda, but I wish I would have gotten a size 1. Their the kind of shoe you can buy bigger, especially if you want to wear thick socks and wear them in the winter.

So now for the fun part. You can enter to win a pair of kids Chacos of your choice by leaving a comment.

What is the one outdoor baby/child item you wouldn’t want to live without. And if you don’t have kids… just tell me a good knock knock joke.

If you want to increase your odds at winning you can also enter to win at the following sites. The bloggers are reviewing shoes and participating in the giveaway as well:

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One winner will be chosen between this blog and the blogs listed above, so enter away! Good luck!!


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  2. Lately, my favorite gear is my Beco Butterfly II. Seriously, I don’t know how I survived so long without a great carrier (oh wait, maybe it had something to do with not being outnumbered…)

  3. Christine

    Snacks for when we get back in the van, so everyone comes home happy and with a little calorie boost. :)

  4. Dan

    A couple of kids hydration packs (we have the Kelty Starfish). It’s priceless to have them carry a little bit of their own gear when hiking or backpacking. And not having to stop and give them a drink every 5 minutes is great.

  5. Elle

    The Ergo! We have carried our almost-5-yr-old son, and now our 17-month-old daughter, in the Ergo since they were both small. It has almost become a member of our family!!!

  6. mttwinmom

    I definitely couldn’t have lived without my Chariot double stroller. When the boys were babies, we used it summer/fall/winter/spring. I think it helped keep me sane.

  7. susan

    My kids carrying backpack… and of course snacks. They both keep ALL of us going on the trail or anywhere.

  8. Deliamo

    Have to agree with Elle – it was the Ergo. That thing was totally indispensable. We eeked out every last drop of use out of that thing!

  9. Brandy

    I love my Ergo also! I have used it for both my boys from infancy to three years old. Thanks for the into to the shoe.

  10. I must say that my Chariot has been the best outdoor item to own. We have biked, skiied, and jogged with it. I have had it now for two kids (oldest is now 7 and the youngest 3)!

  11. I would not want to live without my baby carriers. They allow us to keep on going on our adventures with our kids in tow.

  12. The Chariot! 2 kids later I still worship it and don’t know how I could have raised my kids without it. Biking (mostly), skiing, hiking…

  13. If I had to choose one, I would say it’s our Ergo as well. It’s so versatile and packable.

  14. Martha

    The Chariot! We used our single so much that we had to buy a double when #2 was born. Trail walks/runs, towed behind the bike, and XC skiing.

  15. cindy

    I love my beco, chariot, and camelbacks for the kiddos. But the #1 are snacks. A snack break can make all the difference.

  16. Susanna

    A whip–to encourage the kids to hike faster. Haha! Just kidding, I don’t beat my kids (when we’re hiking anyway…). If you don’t count diapers, I guess the Ergo has been on the most outdoor adventures with us.

  17. lin

    we can’t get along without our one-piece Ducksday for rain/wind/snow layers;) An essential for camping, biking errands, messy park dates…

  18. Andree' Walker Bravo

    It was the chariot, then the strider bike, now her tiny little pedal bike. It gets us outdoors and everyone is happy!

  19. carly yates

    To be random I would say the boon spoon. It has come in handy so many times when we have been out of the house and especially outdoors. Never leave home without it. Makes it so easy to feed our baby without having to have too many things to balance (lid, jar, spoon) I highly recommend it for any parent.

  20. Jentri King

    There are so many awesome outdoor parenting items but I think the think I couldn’t live without would be my ERGO baby carrier. It makes it so that I can hike anywhere and do anything.

  21. Nikki DeMers

    I wouldn’t want to live without my double Chariot jogger! I love that thing and it’s versatility! We cross country ski with it, run, walk and bike! Awesome!

  22. Bethany

    A Nalgene bottle. It is good for water but also great for getting all of the treasures we find home.

  23. We take our kids nalgene bottle everywhere (indoors and outdoors). Hydration is SO key!! I echo some of the other favorite products, too: the ergo, snacks… also a hat – some kind of hat all the time… and sunscreen (i learned the hard way to use a stick – like aveeno or nutrogena baby- on my little one’s face!)

  24. When they were smaller a carrier (mei tai, moby wrap, or our Sherpani baby backpack) was vital. Now it is snacks and kid footwear with good tread. As much as my kids love scrambling up every imaginable surface good tread is vital.

  25. Carla

    While snacks and water are essential for the older kids, having a sturdy and comfortable backpack carrier for whichever chid is youngest at the time really makes it POSSIBLE to get out better. Bought a nice one at a yard sale from previous park rangers.

  26. Great giveaway! The thing I couldn’t live without (when the kids were little) was an Ergo carrier–it made it possible to go so many places.

  27. NeKisha

    My favorite item for outdoors and children is a soft structured carrier. I really like my Action Baby Carrier.

  28. Amber Hitch

    Right now our fav thing is her wagon. It turns into a bench and comes with an umbrella

  29. Susan S.

    Our backpack carrier for sure helped us get out more with our 2 girls. As they are getting older I find I am very grateful for the clothing they wear. We have the Oaki rainwear suits for wet weather and some great Carhartt overalls for the cooler weather (very durable and warm…my 4 yr old insists on wearing a dress underneath her overalls though! ha!). Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Amy

    Our little one is still under a year and our hand-me-down Bjorn has really been an awesome tool to keep us moving and outdoors. It looks like from all the comments though that we may need to upgrade to the Ergo soon!

  31. Lex Miller

    I couldn’t hike with my kids without them each having their own mini packs! I have 5to and they’d kill each other if they had to share one backpack.

    My kids would rock these shoes while we explore the redwood forests of the Pacific northwest this fall…and the deserts of the southwest this spring!

  32. kara musser

    I couldn’t keep my 10 month old and 3 year old girls on the same path place without our wagon!

  33. Carolyn

    My four kids are out of the baby stage, so we dont need a baby carrier. Now we always have ro have water bottles for everyone, so no one gets thirsty on the trails!

  34. DebbieKL

    Our Kelty carrier!

  35. We would have never made it without a good baby carrier. We hike a lot and without a good way to carry the kids we’d never be able to cover as many miles.

  36. Trisha

    Our Bob Stroller has been an awesome companion to motherhood. Load the snacks, drink and child into the stroller, and enjoy your run!

  37. Sarah

    There’s no way we would get outside as much without our kids vaude hiking pack! Love it!

  38. Jess

    A head lamp! so handy with kids and can keep them entertained as well!

  39. Michele S

    Sunscreen! Hard to believe we never used sunscreen when we were little.

  40. TinyFeet

    I would have to say a Nalgene; it won’t spill in your pack and is virtually indestructible.

  41. Brenda Epstein

    My outdoor kid item that we absolutely love: Ergo Baby carrier. Its easy to travel with and works like a charm for both of our kids.

  42. Matt M

    The most favorite item of kid gear at our house is our Bakfiets cargo bike ( . I rode my son everyday, rain of shine to school with this bike, for 3 years. He would sit in front of me and play the harmonica, all warm and toasty, with a blanket under the rain cover. We also have used it to haul groceries and other items around town.

  43. Cassandra H

    Ergo baby carrier for sure! We’re still using ours and my son will be three in January!

  44. Bryan L.

    I would say our Burley, super versatile and the kids love to do anything outdoors in it.

  45. Rachelle Barrs

    My daughter’s pink Klean Kanteen! Despite its many dings that it can no longer stand on its own, she can’t bear to part with it. It’s been her water bottle since she started hiking, camping and climbing with us at 2 years old. She’s in Kindergarten now and it’s still the one she brings everywhere!

  46. Jane

    His sigg water bottle.

  47. Laura Ellingson

    I am pleasantly surprised by the girls shoes. I would totally love to give these are try!

    • Laura Ellingson

      by the way our favorite outdoor item that we would not live without is our kelty back pack carrier!

  48. Lara S.

    My favorite kid outdoor item is probably our stroller – it’s typical, sure, but it gets us out in the neighborhood, to the beach, and in the parks we visit in other towns.

  49. favorite kid outdoor item is our bike trailer

  50. Sharlie Kaltenbach

    our favorite outdoor item is our sons mini kickboard skooter

  51. jill carpenter

    our almost 2 year old has outgrown his baby shoes and with the new wild brush area and mountain terrain we live in couples with his balance bike, we desperately need new solid shoes that fit an adventurer!


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