My 10th Anniversary work of art

Joe and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month. To commemorate the occasion Joe, knowing I’m a sucker for the hand made gift, made me a bit of art.

Some might look at this and wonder why on earth he would give me a bird made of dead plant matter instead of a diamond encrusted jewel on such an occasion. I think you guys probably understand.

There’s symbolism in this little bird. We met in the fall. Our first date was a hike among the changing leaves. We were married in the fall. Our boys were born in the fall. I’m somewhat obsessed with this season…

A the bird? It’s a wren. My favorite bird. So diverse, so happy. Most are rather small, palin and inconspicuous, but are known for their loud and often complex melodies. Joe thinks the wren and I have a few other traits in common. And my favorite wren? My daughter Viviann Wren. My new favorite piece of art? This one.


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  1. Christine

    Wow, that is gorgeous! I love perfect gifts like that from a husband who knows what’s really important to you. Nice job Joe! It looks amazing!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Lauren

    Happy Anniversary to you both :) What a beautiful and meaningful gift! LOVE it!

  4. Joe is so amazing. I really love this gift. So well done too! If I tried to do this, it would end up looking like big bird.
    Happy Anniversary to an amazing family–here’s to ten more good years!

  5. Beautiful! And happy anniversary – my hubby and I just celebrated 10 years this past spring. Seems so long in some ways, but in other ways, like we’re just getting started! Cheers to 100 more :)

  6. Bonnie

    I LOVE this!!

  7. amber

    I love it! Good job Joe. You two are so perfect together, my favorite couple for sure.

  8. Chad Farr

    Way to go JOE! Love this!!

  9. Lacey Farr

    Oops that last comment was not CHad. :)

  10. Bethany Huntington

    This is so great. The best gifts are the ones no one else really understands. That’s what makes it so special.

  11. I know this is an older post, but I just found your blog through the camping kitchen packing list on Pinterest. As an outdoorsy lady with no kids yet, your writing and thoughtful topics are so inspiring. And I love the wren- a beautiful and thoughtful gift, far better than jewelry in my opinion. :)


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