Three ideas for building your own bike rack

After a month of living in our new home we finally took the weekend to unpack and organize the garage. The biggest problem we faced was the number of bikes we own: 4 kid bikes, 4 adult bikes, 1 bike trailer and 1 trail-a-bike. After careful consideration 2 kid bikes we’re booted out to the shed but the remaining 8 contraptions needed to be accessible.

With all of us bike commuting every day and mountain biking whenever we get the chance we were in a constant state of bike piles. The garage looked like this, on a good day…

We wanted to build a bike rack, but had a few criteria. It needed to be 1. Cheap. 2. Easy to assemble. 3. Sturdy. 4. Adjustable. We found three viable options online (click links below for photos and instructions). Option 1 and 2 can even be made to fit in your truck bed.

  1. Rack made from PVC pipe.
  2. Rack made from 2×4’s and other assorted wood pieces.
  3. Rack made from pallets.

We chose option #1, the PVC pipe, but made the following modifications:

  1.  We made it to accommodate 4 bikes rather than three by adding an additional slot.
  2. We made it a bit more compact by cutting the 16.5 inch pieces to be 11 inches.
  3. We made a smaller separate version for the kid bikes.

Bike commuting just got a little bit easier.

Note there is room for one bike to have the trailer hooked to it at all times (since the little kids and I ride Ari to and from school each day it needed to be accessible), also note the kid bike rack (from spare parts) off in the distance. We might even spray paint it , you know, to add a touch of class.

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  1. Brian

    Perfect timing! I was just scheming my own rack to be built in the next couple weeks.

  2. You guys are just so darn clever. This is awesome. I’m totally coming back to this when we have our own garage again.

    • Kristal – What, no garage? You know you can always make a particle board shed hooked to the side of the house, right ;). I miss logan…

  3. Amber

    Wish I would have talked to you before we bought ours. It works great but would have been cheaper (and have more character) if we had made it from PVC.

    • Amber – Shoot! You could have totally had the ghetto chic version…

  4. Lacey Farr

    Im still jealous of the space you have. Our garage is one big bomb, not even big enough for a PVC pipe bike rack…someday…someday!

    • Lacey – Yes, someday Baders will even have his own jeep garage :)

  5. Bonnie

    Wow, Lindsey–a woman after my own heart!!

  6. Lacey

    Wouldn’t that be something? ;)

  7. Susan

    Bike storage made me pull my hair out until I got my bike tree. LOVE IT!! Four bikes in way less room that 2 would take up on the floor!

    • Susan – Wow! That’s awesome, and so relatively cheap. Do you have this exact model, does it hold up pretty well? That might be a good storage solution for winter when we’re not accessing our bikes so much each day. Very cool.

  8. Susan

    I do have that exact model. We use our bikes nearly daily, they come on and off all the time. I roll it around to get to the stuff around and behind it, and we’ve never had a moment’s problem with it. Definitely one of my best purchases!

    • Susan – Wow! Good to know, thanks so much for posting the link!!

  9. nice timing! I’ve been trying to crunch my brain cells and think of something to organize our mess out there.


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