Keeping your feet dry: the delicate art of peeing in the woods

I once thought about making a photo blog called “Oh the places I’ve peed.” Nature can offer some pretty scenic restrooms!! Much better than the four walls your use to at home, and light years better than the experience you get from most public bathrooms.

If you read this blog I’m guessing you have no problem peeing in the out-of-doors. But I bet you know someone who does, it’s a pretty common hang-up for lots of women. If you do know such a woman, please send them this video.  I laughed when I watched it, only because I think Jessica (from is so awesome for actually making it.

And don’t worry, she’s wearing spandex…

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  1. Glad you liked it!

  2. Travis

    YouTube is complete. There is officially a video for everything! Ha ha!… Well done though. Talk about attacking the hard/awekward issues at hand.

  3. It IS a big problem for girls! My most popular post EVER is about this matter and a couple of tools to help out . I believe it is also one of the main reasons, that a lot of women don’t want to go camping. I should know..I was one of them!!

    • Annie – Will you post a link to the post you wrote so people finding this post can also find yours. Plus I’m interested to read it… ;)

  4. Sarah

    Working in outdoor education, I was amazed how many times I had to tell middle school girls “if you start peeing on yourself, stop peeing!” Many would come back with wet jeans because they couldn’t grasp that simple intuitive concept. Perhaps this video should be sent out to all students before they arrive at camp…

    • Sarah – Hahaa. Ya, I can totally see it. I’m glad she mentioned bunching up your pants in the video, still, even after that, you HAVE to angle your rear in the right direction!

  5. Helena

    This is so funny. I finally learned to pee outdoors properly about five years ago hiking in Mt Rainier. My boyfriend at the time taught me! Apparently he had learned all about it in a magazine lying in his dentists waiting room….

  6. Hi, Here is the link to 2 ways to pee in the great outdoors. Now, I don’t how good they are, but someone who used the Tinkle in a Can option loved it! Maybe I will stick to the more traditional ways!!

  7. Wendy

    I enjoyed the chuckle….What a daring woman to explain the “how to” of going potty in the woods online! I have a daughter who has struggled with peeing in the woods since she was a toddler…and I finally decided to do something else when she could NOT stop peeing on her pants in front of her. It seems that her urethra does in deed make the pee stream OUT instead of down. Turns out there is ANOTHER way a woman can easily pee in the woods!! The product is called “freshette” and is sold online or at REI. This product resembles a slender funnel. Yes. It is a little weird…so before I purchased the product, I read all the reviews on and found it helpful to decide if that product was for us. My husband enjoyed many a laugh at the candid reviews. My big advice is to practice using it at home BEFORE you take it out to the woods!! I will be honest and say that I will never go back to squatting for #1….this product works– for both my daughter AND me!

    • Hi Wendy – I have a freshette! But it’s never occurred to be to use it on any outing other than river trips. Genius! So it works for your daughter? How old is she? That’s awesome!!

      • Wendy

        My daughter is 9…though she started using the freshette when she was 7. It has saved my sanity…and saved my daughter from many potential embarrassing moments!! I wish I had found it earlier….I would have tried it before she was 7. The first time she tried using the freshette in the bathroom was priceless. She squealed in delight being able to pee standing up!! Priceless. I wish I could say that I shared her sentiments. I still find it a little odd, even if I love the convenience .


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