Vacation in a SylvanSport GO? Yes please.

I’m not typically one to enter contests and giveaways, but when I heard about this I thought it sounded like it might be worth a try and figured others might be interested. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to live out of this (seriously, check out the pictures) for three months: – – – – – – – >

The SylvanSport GO looks like an amazing little contraption that can hold all your camping gear and up to 10 kayaks or 5 bikes, a few surf boards, rock climbing gear, rafting stuff, etc… AND provide a cozy place for you and your family to sleep.

To enter go to their homepage, and in 400 words or less  write about all the crazy adventures you would take in your GO expedition. They also want to know how you would promote your adventure. Blogging? Video? Bragging rights?

The three best essays win a gear package from sponsors like: Yakima, Kelty, Keen, Black Diamond, Wenger, Jackson Kayak, SPOT, Grand Trunk Goods, Orbea, and of course the GO itself for up to three months to live and document your adventure story. The most interesting and well documented story keeps the GO and a bunch of gear.

Contest ends May 31st 2012, but you may want to enter ASAP because each week contestants are automatically entered into weekly giveaways for chances to win prizes.

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  1. Kim

    I love it. I want one. BUT I want you to have one even more because I think your family would breath life into a GO in a way that most families only dream.

    • Kim – I’m thinking it looks like the ultimate family fieldwork vessel for next summer… I’m trying to convince Joe he needs to do a biographical evolutionary insect study at various stops from here to Alaska… He just keeps telling me that once we got to Alaska it would be more like a mosquito study. Bah Humbug!

      • Kim

        No way jo-se! there are a ton of other aquatic insects to study (beetles, mayflies, stoneflies, and truebugs)!!! That was my area of fascination for my MS. And there is potential for massive range extensions and uniques due to glacial isolation mechanisms and land bridges from both eastern and southern influences. He totally needs to get up there. It is a very understudied area. If you go to Alaska and need a partner in crime I will bring my own GO and go with you.

  2. I would love to see what you would do with this. After two years of losing our VW Vanny Camper we just got a deal on a pop-up camper from a neighbor that never used it. I looked into this camper, thought it was an amazing design etc but could not get past the price. Not sure what I thought it would cost but at that price we could not justify it. BUT… if they could show families using it maybe that would have sold me.

    • Jen – Ya, the price tag is a big turnoff, no way I’d ever be able to afford one, definitely would have to win something like this! And I’m not sure how it would work for a family of 5… We’ve thought about a pop-up camper, but I just can’t pry myself away from the sportsmobile dream…

  3. I want one! That looks so neat. I like that you can haul 5 bikes on it. I usually only enter easy giveaways, but for a chance to win that, I may have to put forth a little effort and go for it. Sounds like there are quite a few other prizes as well. Thanks for the info!


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