Gift ideas for the outdoor baby girl!

In honor of my own baby shower a few weeks ago I’m posting 12 gift ideas for outdoor families welcoming little girls. Most of these  products (or a variation of them) I now own, others are still on my wish list. Never has pink and purple looked so good!

1. Smartwool Booties 2. Patagonia Apron Dress (or let’s be honest, anything from Patagonia would have been a hit in my book) 3. Nova Natural baby hammock 4. Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots 5. Down Bunting 6. Klean Kanteen 7. Merril Sky Jumper Shoes 8. Nalgene Grip’n Gulp 9. North Face Beanie 10. Patagonia Baby Sun Hat 11. Ergo Baby Carrier with Infant Insert 12. Kid’s Mountain Goat Adjustable (I actually got ‘baby girl’ this for Christmas, both my boys have one, we’re big fans)

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  1. LOVE these! Especially the hammocky thing and the kiddy sleeping bag… and you know, I bet you could make one of those hammocky things! It just occurred to me…

    • Liv – You said the same thing Joe did. When I first showed him the hammock I was oogling over he said “I bet we can make one of those”. Hahaa. We would have to try it out on lots of heavy dolls first. I read that their first version of this hammock had a recall because it had the potential to flip… But Joe could do it! Right?

  2. Lauren

    I love this post Linds! We are really enjoying our ERGO Carrier now that the girls are big enough to use it without the infant insert. I found the infant insert awkward. We really liked our Moby wraps when the girls were smaller (well, and they still work great but the ergo has pockets and I am interested in trying to carry both girls – 1 on back, 1 on front with the Ergo…as soon as they are ok to be on my back). I am taking note of all the other gear suggested here. Another item of mention, although probably a bit pricey for a gift…but a must have for the active outdoor family is the Chariot! We have been jogging and cross country skiing with ours and it is AMAZING. We can’t wait until we can bike with the girls in it :)

    • Lauren – Good to know. I just bought an ERGO infant insert off craigslist. I’ve never tried one before, I’ve always just used the wrap. Sounds like I’ll probably use the wrap for this one too. It does look a little bulky…

      I’ll have to do another post down the road with more gender neutral stuff (I can think of a few I left off), and the chariot will most defiantly be on there. Best baby item we own hands down! I will forever be indebted to my chariot gifters… :)

      PS I want a full report when you use the double ERGO system! Hahaa, I can’t wait!

  3. Yeah for you guys!! How exciting! Having a girl is so great!!! Congrats!

    • Thanks Liz, Your vote of confidence for girls goes a long way!!

  4. Lauren

    Linds, regarding the ERGO, have you ever backpacked with a kiddo on the front and a backpack…on back (seems redundant). I was just curious how that worked out…seems do-able (although the knees will probably curse me for that much weight).

    • Lauren – I’ve carried a large pack with the wrap, but never with the ERGO on the front. The straps are just so bulky it seemed like it would be uncomfortable to then put backpack straps on top of that. I’ve also carried a large pack with the Bjorn on the front (because the straps lay flat) but it didn’t work that great, with the Bjorn you have the leg dangling problem, made it hard to hike.

      Last time we backpacked with Isaac we used our deuter kid backpack and just strapped stuff all over to the outside. You guys might also need to get a Llama when you go. Hey, you should!! You have room in your yard, right?

  5. Sarah

    I am an environmental educator that will soon be a stay-at-home mom with our first child (a girl) due in June. A few weeks ago, I was struggling with the decision to leave my job and was worried about how much a baby would change our active, outdoorsy lifestyle. I found your blog and it has been so helpful and encouraging! Thank you, it is so good to know that outdoor pursuits can continue after baby is born! Also, I love this list of ideas for gifts! Thanks so much!

    • Sarah – Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I’m so glad you found the blog.

      I struggled with my decision to leave the EE field and start staying at home too. It was quite the adjustment (in many ways), and I still have days (5+ years later) when I really miss working in my field. Luckily I’ve figured out ways to sorta stay involved and have had a lot of fun applying my EE knowledge to raising my own kids. That training has come in a lot more hand than I thought it would!

      Your life will change, but it’ll be great!

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