Outdoor Resolutions. Maybe I’ll make some.

To be totally honest, I wasn’t going to make resolutions this year. With ‘low mobility’ already here and ‘bed rest’ on the horizon (my body had problems holding in small life forms), a newborn to grow accustomed to, and a potential move in the near future, I thought survive seemed like all the resolution I needed.

Then I got to thinking… In order to survive this year, and more importantly, in order for my family to survive this year, I better set some goals. I need to set my sights on things that get us out of the house. In other words, things that help us maintain a sense of normalcy. The logistics may be tricky for us this year, but it’s doable.

While I’m still working out the specifics (numbers, ways to measure my goals, etc), here are the kinds of things I’m toying around with this year… And I’d love to hear what your outdoor goals are, if your willing to share.

Get outside every day
Even if it’s just a few minutes. The weather, no matter what it is, does us wonders.

More spontaneous ‘adventures’
The kind where one minute my kids think we’re going to sit down and have dinner, and the next minute we’re packing up that dinner and heading out for a picnic. The kind where I pick my child up from school in a van all packed and ready for a camp out.

Play more ultimate frisbee
Enough said.

Identify 5 new places to explore
I’m going to mull over my maps. If you don’t have a good map of your area/state make it a resolution to get one (I’d recommend the DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer they make one for just about every state, make sure you get the most current version). You’ll be surprised at all the new areas you’ll find flipping through topo maps.

Exercise by myself a few times a week
When I can exercise again that is… If this is on your list and you were thinking of leaving it off because you tried it last year and it didn’t work, put it back on the list!  It’s well worth it! I miss excercise terribly.

Go on more outdoor ‘dates’
This means two things really. 1. Dates with my spouse. 2. One-on-one dates with my kids. I only did this a few times this year, but when I did the results were wonderful. Do it, you’ll see what I mean, and you’ll see that the outdoor component provides something a one-on-one shopping trip can’t.

Do something that pushes me physically
For me it’ll be  learning a new trick in my kayak.  Is this one on your list?  Maybe you’re working up to running a 7 mile minute or doing 50 push-ups?  There’s just something about making and reaching physical goals that makes me think I can do anything.  I’ll be sharing this goal with my kids too, they’ll hopefully think I’m pretty awesome when I actually reach it.

Be more actively engaged with my kids outside
Rather than just enjoy the sun and wind this year, I want to help them to focus on what’s going on around them.  What kind of bird is that?  How are these rocks different?  Why is the grass browner over here?  I’m going to try to really be there with my kids!

Make really good granola bars
Anyone have a good chewy granola bar recipe? I’ve been trying to find the perfect one for years!

But first and foremost, I’ll be spending the next 3 months like this… Only with a coat on.
Happy resoluting everyone!

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  1. Great list (& adorable photo to boot!)! I’m especially excited about going on more outdoor “dates” with my kids. It’s such a win-win.

    • Debi – Thanks. I’m excited for the dates as well. And with all we have going on, especially the addition of child #3 I figure it’s a good year to start making a more concerted effort.

  2. Jana

    Those are really great resolutions!
    I want to be more actively engaged with my kids outside too! We live right at the mouth of Middle Canyon and I want to explore and hike it more often.
    If you find that chewy granola recipe, can you share it with me? :) :)

    BTW.. you and your little man look so cute in that hammock!

    • Jana – Thanks for the comment. If I find a good granola bar recipe I will definitely share! Good luck with your goal, that’s totally doable!

  3. These are thoughtful resolutions. Good luck! We definitely plan on exploring some new areas of the state this summer. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy. The years I had babies and were pregnant, I didn’t do as much as I do now.

    • Hiker Mama – I would love to explore your area, I bet your list could get very wonderfully long.

  4. Lacey

    my resolution, have a baby and try not to kill anyone. :) haa haa

  5. Sarah

    Hi! I love reading your blog. I have a 9 month old boy and we have been outside so much since he was born. I can already tell that he is happier when we are outside (and sleeps like a dream after a day of fresh air!). My resolution is to continue to nurture a love of the outside world this year despite having to go back to work (limiting my time with him). I live on the east coast of Canada and winter weather can make it really challenging to get outside everyday, but I resolve to get out, even for a short walk everyday. With the right gear we can explore in any weather :) Happy 2012!

    • Sarah – Thanks for the comment, I agree, me AND my kids are happier when we get out every day. And if you can do that In Eastern Canada, I can get out here in Reno… even if it’s only 30 degrees ;).

      • Sarah

        Haha! It was a balmy -14 degrees Celsius (about 7 degrees Fahrenheit) today in New Brunswick! We have a great Canadian gear co-op called Mountain Equipment Co-Op ( that helps us outfit our children so they can be safe and warm in our cool temps – maybe some of your readers would be interested in their website?

        • Sarah – Wow, 7! And I thought our 32 today was a little on the chilly side. Never heard for Mountain Equipment co-op. Is it a co-op in the same sense that REI ( is a co-op? Do you know?

          • Sarah

            I don’t know much about REI, but at MEC you pay a lifetime membership of $5 (CAD). In the beginning, much of the gear was made in Canada, but most is now made off shore. But the gear is still high quality :) They also have a gear-swap through thier website and do great environmental and community work. You should check out the site. I will check out REI.

  6. Lindsey, I LOVE these granola bars (I have to make them almost weekly) – try them out!!!

    • Amelia – Thanks! I will definitely have to try those.

    • Sarah

      Thanks for posting this, Amelia. I have a batch in the oven now. My mouth is watering as the house starts to fill with the smell of fresh baking!!!!

      • Sarah – Wow… want to know something crazy. I made them today too! I have yet to try them, still cooling…

  7. […] you saw my new years resolutions you already know of my quest for the perfect granola bar. What makes the perfect granola bar you […]

  8. Tracy

    I’ve been reading over your blog for a few months and you’ve inspired me to take my two boys bush for the first time! We’re in Australia and spend a lot of time outside playing in dirt, mud and sand, running and checking out our chickens. But we’re going into the bush for the first time tomorrow! We’re starting small with a visit to the nearest place with some marked bush walks for a picnic lunch and walk. And there’s a camping area so we can check it out for a possible future camping trip. I haven’t gone camping since before my 4 year old was born, and my partner has never been camping, so I’m hoping after a few day trips there to get to know the area and refine the stuff I pack we’ll try an overnight or a weekend. Your lists of stuff to take has been really helpful, and I’m making an Olivia bag up too.

    • Tracy – Thank you so much for leaving this comment! Made my day. So glad you’ve found something useful on the blog, and I’m very excited for your future “bush” experiences. I think I need to adopt the term “bush” has a great ring to it! I would love to make it to Australia one day, so jealous of your future adventures. Keep us posted!

  9. Tracy

    Just thought I’d let you know we did it. Turns out the drive is 1.5 hrs each way – I forgot how steep and windy the roads are! It was fantastic though. We had a picnic lunch, walked in the bush and along a dry creek bed, cooled off in the river and checked out the bugs. Both boys (4yrs and 15mths) were stuffed by the end of it and slept all the way home :). I don’t have a blog so I can’t link to any pictures unfortunately. The 4yr old wants to go back to go fishing in the river, and after checking it out I reckon we could camp there out of our mid sized car. Now I’m trying to find something a bit closer to home for another adventure next week!

    • Tracy – That sounds so wonderful!! I bet your kids had a blast. I know I’m completely jealous! What general area are you in, I want to at least google a picture, having never been near your neck of the woods I can’t even conjure up my own image!


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