Enjoying January… Wait. Is that Lake Tahoe?

Last week was wonderful here in the greater Reno area. I know I’ll regret that statement come May and there’s no kayak season; and I feel bad for all the ski resorts around Tahoe, I really do… But we just couldn’t help but take advantage of that spring like sunshine. The kids and I spent a day by the lake. Feet in the sand, toes in the water, my arm sore from skipping rocks over and over and over trying unsuccessfully to prove I was a “better rock skipper than Dad”. We built sand piles (Tahoe sand doesn’t pack well), laid in the sun, ate lots of snacks, dug for treasures and threw a Christmas party for all the plastic sea animals we’d brought.

It was one of those days I just loved being a Mom. I think we all need a warm January day now-and-then.

But judging by this picture of my kids attire while playing trains today, I think it’s safe to say their ready for some snow…

Who else has been having odd wither weather?

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  1. We started out strong, but winter seems to have moved on already. The locals tell me when there’s a dry spell in January it means there will be lots of snow in March! Here’s hoping… As for your area–I have a feeling Dennis will be VERY busy with fire this year…

    • Liv – Well, Dennis will be happy to know that we actually have a big fire here today. It’s already begun! These 59 mph wind gusts are not helping.

  2. It’s unseasonable here in WV as well. We are patient.

  3. Sarah

    Here on the East Coast of Canada we only have a few inches of snow. It has come and gone with snow followed by rain for the last month :( While the temps have been cold, the lack of snow has made hiking and exploring a little easier with our 10 month old…that being said, bring on more snow so we can cross-country ski and slide!!!

    • Sarah – Sounds like you have a love-hate relationship with the weather too! It is nice for getting the kids out, but I agree. I’m ready for some sledding!

  4. Susan

    It has been unseasonably warm here in Ohio too. We had some great snow over the weekend but the snow is gone on this Monday morning. Lot’s of sunshine and temps into the 40-50 I think!! I love snow and miss it right now. However, I am hoping the snow does not come in March or April instead! Weird weather….

  5. So somehow I reached your blog…loving going through your posts and then realize that we live in the same general neck of the woods. Tahoe is my “big backyard”. Just read your tips for skiing with little ones…mine are all grown now but we started them when they were the size of your guys. My middle son just spent his day at Squaw yesterday in the snow. My youngest and I did a snowshoe at Taylor Creek and Fallen Leaf last week….warm, glorious.
    I am subscribing….will be fun to read your adventures and maybe get some tips. Here’s my account:

    • Barb-Harmony – No way, so we’re kind-of neighbors! Thanks for the link, your blog looks fabulous, I’ll have to follow you as well. Good to know there’s snow up at Fallen Leaf Lake, I’ll have to take the kids up to check that out, looks wonderful!

  6. Joe

    This picture makes me want to go up to Tahoe, in the warm sun if possible.

    • Joe – We can still go, even if the sun is a bit colder. Perhaps the beach needs some snowmen!


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