Was I “Born to Run”?

When a friend of mine told me I should read Born To Run the first words out of my mouth were “but I don’t like running.” She assured me you don’t have to be a runner to appreciate the book. I was still a little apprehensive.

So there it sat, collecting dust on my nightstand month after month. Finally one evening I picked it up with the intention of skimming it so I could at least return it. I was hooked after the first page. Why?

  • Christopher McDougall is so witty, I was laughing out loud through the entire book. I was even captivated through the acknowledgments.
  • It’s such a great story! I like how the book touches on both the ‘physical’ and ‘human’ nature of the characters, and how that plays a part in not only their running, but essentially their lives.  I’ll admit, I thought about crying at the end.
  • Being a science nerd, I was intrigued by the human evolutionary insights.
  • Yes, it’s about running, but there are lessons that can be applied to any sport, and any person, in any situation. Take for example this quote:

If you really want to understand the Raramuri, you should have been there when this ninety-five-year-old man came hiking twenty-five miles over the mountain. Know why he could do it? Because no one ever told him he couldn’t. No one ever told him he oughta be off dying somewhere in an old age home. You live up to your own expectations, man.
-Micah True, p. 50

The whole book just left me feeling inspired. Like I could stand to live up to my own potential a little better. And you know, maybe I really could learn to like running…

Anyone else read it? What did you think?

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  1. Okay, totally inspired to read it now. Great quote! It’s Dennis’ day off, maybe I can convince him to buy me a copy.

    • Olivia – We will have so much to discuss. Like we need more to discuss… ;)

  2. Lauren

    Ditto…I am hunting it down today.

    • Lauren – You will love it. And I want to hear all about how much you love it after you read it!

  3. I read it a couple of years ago when it came out and I loved it! I was already a runner but it made me feel like I wanted to do is take off to run ultras :) (Something that’s not actually likely to happen any time soon). Glad you enjoyed and are spreading the word about it, it’s a great book.


    • Simply Bike – I know! I don’t run much (yet) but I sure feel like taking off on a 100 mile run through some mountains. Maybe even Death Valley… but only in the winter…

  4. Training for my first marathon, the Marine Corps which is a totally inspirational race. However, I didn’t feel very inspired on my 14 mile run this morning during one of the worst heat waves in years! A few others have recommended it. I will need to read the book to inspire me on my long training runs.

    • Hiking Along – Well, when you read the part about the Badwater Ultramarathon you’ll think “if people can run 100 miles through Death Valley in the summer; what’s my problem?” ;) But as a side note, not sure I could run 14 miles in a heat wave…

  5. I LOVED this book. It made me want to be a runner. It turned me on to Vibram Five Fingers (which I use for hiking way more than running). And like you, I loved the sciencey stuff. I recommend it to everyone.

  6. Lacey

    You should have called me about this one. :( Think I’ll send one to Callie also.

    • Lacey – Well it’s a good thing I just called you;). Thought for sure you of all people would have read it! You’ll love it.

  7. Sarah

    I always love getting a good book recommendation :) Just ordered this one and really looking forward to getting into it! Thanks!

    • Sarah – I’m so glad you ordered it. Let me know how you like it!

  8. Sarah

    OH MY GOODNESS! I spent the last few days completely immersed in this book!!!!! Every nap-time has been my read-time and I even stayed up late reading a few nights. I have a feeling this book is going to have a GREAT impact on my life.
    As a 30 year old, 6’1″ woman with an athletic build (after a lifetime of basketball playing…) I have always said, “I just don’t have a runners body – I wasn’t born to run…” Well my perspective has shifted. Forget fancy shoes, I am going to LEARN how to run properly (easy, light, smooth).
    I feel antsy and just want to run. I haven’t felt this motivated to run…well…ever. I am going to recommend this book to anyone who will listen. There are so many lessons in this book. I am so glad I took the time to read the “reviews” section of your site.
    Now, if only we could melt all the Eastern Canadian snow and bring the temperatures up a little bit (no barefoot running for this Canuck!!)….

    • Sarah – Hahaaa, I love your comment. It just made me just want to take off running all over again… which is actually kind of brutal. I can’t wait to get this pregnancy over with so that I can run until I drop (which unfortunately would not take long). Go run for me!!! Get running snow shoes! Or maybe that would defeat the purpose… Hummm. :)

  9. Sarah

    I did it – yesterday I put on my shoes and slip-slided my way down the road. It was only a short jaunt, but the cold air in my lungs felt great. I think I could get used to it. We are supposed to get above zero temps tomorrow so I will head back out then!
    How much longer for your pregnancy? Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? My little one came 2 weeks early so I didn’t play the end of pregnancy waiting game. Hope all is well!

    • Sarah – Ah man, that sounds great… aside from the whole zero temps thing! Nicely done! I have about 8 weeks left. I sure hope SHE comes early, because I feel like I’m already 2 weeks overdue! ;)


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