BJÖRN vs ERGO Baby Carriers

With my first son I had a BABYBJÖRN Active Carrier. With my second son I borrowed an ERGObaby Carrier. If you’re trying to decide between the two, here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of each. As well as my recommendation.

BABYBJÖRN Active Carrier


  • Works well for small babies over about 1 month old.
  • Baby can either face towards you, or look out on the world.
  • The baby cover is AWESOME for the wintertime. They also make a sun cover, which I’ve never tried, but it seems practical.
  • I loved the flat, thick shoulder straps. The straps never slid off my shoulders and adjusted easily. Because the straps are flat you can wear a backpack with it.
  • They make a mesh carrier which would be great for summer.
  • You can find them used online for pretty cheap.


  • Dosn’t support tiny infants enough. I used a homemade moby wrap type device until my son grew into it.
  • I got the Active model thinking it would be more comfortable. Maybe for someone taller? Because I’m only 5′ 2″ the back support (and baby) just sort of slouched and never really stayed in place.
  • Once my kids legs started getting longer (around 5 months) it was hard to hike up hills because my knees would hit their legs.
  • No hip strap means you carry all the weight on your shoulders. Get’s heavy.


ERGObaby Carrier


  • Use the Infant Insert and you can start wearing your baby right away. The insert also helps baby stay warm in the winter.
  • The hip strap is really comfortable; helps takes weight off your shoulders.
  • The baby sits in the carrier with their legs wrapped around you, no dangling legs makes it easier to hike up hills.
  • It’s a front pack AND a backpack. Being able to move the child to the back when they get older allowed you to use the pack longer.
  • I love that there is a pocket. Also has a fold out sun shade that can hold up the head of your sleeping little one.


  • The infant insert makes baby hot in the summer, especially if it’s black. It also does not secure babies head enough so weak necks bob forward if you’re moving vigorously.
  • My son would get annoyed when Joe would wear him on his back, he couldn’t see over his shoulders (Joe’s torso is longer).
  • Baby can’t turn around and look out if they are on the front. This was a problem for my 3rd child.
  • There is an awkward time around 5 months where baby is a little too big for the insert but too small for the carrier.
  • Bulkier to wear than the Bjorn.

Overall, if your looking to invest in a carrier I’d recommend the ERGObaby Carrier. They’re about the same price, but because of the way the Ergo is designed it can easily last your child three years instead of one. It’s comfortable, practical, well made, easier to hike with and it’s way cuter… You know, if you’re into that.

Another carrier to check out is the Mei Tai. It’s not as comfortable for long term use but the beauty of the Mei Tai is that it folds up really small. I don’t own one, I’ve used one, and thought it would be handy to put in your daypack, vehicle or purse for ’emergency’ use.

Also, check out these reviews by some friends on other carriers: Beco Carrier, Boba Air, Boba 3G, Onya, Tula also the Belle Baby Carrier (and others).

If you have used either of these and have additional pros and cons leave a comment! Alternately, if there is a baby carrier you like more I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Not that I know anything about these… But seems like baby heat plus mama heat is probably a big deal. I bet ventilation is very important!

    • Liv – It is! I really wish Ergo would make a mesh carrier, as far as I can tell that is the only thing that would make me choose a bjorn instead…

      • Jentri King

        They do. ERGO’s Performance carrier is light weight, mesh, & has thin straps. It’s an awesome carrier.

        • Jentri – Thanks! That carrier looks amazing. I want one…

  2. We have a Hotslings sling, a Moby, a Beco (Butterfly) and an Ergo (Performance). The Beco is hands down, my favorite. I love the Ergo b/c it’s mesh and super cool for the summer (the reason I bought it) – but the Beco is awesome b/c it comes WITH the infant insert and is used for babies 7-15lbs. My son is just now 15lbs at 5mos and we recently took it out. With Ergo, he’s still too small. I was too cheap to but the insert for Ergo so we use a stuffed Eeyore at the bottom. It works for us. :) He is WAY small without it and it’s not nearly as hot as the insert would be – or as costly. I like that it’s easier to get baby in and out in the Ergo, but I love the extra security of the Beco. (There’s a layer in between you and baby that makes it nice too when you need someone else to hold/carry baby.) I have the organic chocolate Beco and even after washing it still leaves some color when our son drools on it, but it washes out of clothing. I’m sure I’ll love the Ergo more as he’s bigger, but for now, I still reach for my Beco. I’m 5’5″ and 126lbs if that helps.

    • Gin – Thanks! I’ve wondered about the Beco, so I’m glad you weighed in. I’m impressed that it come with the insert, agreed, that is a big plus. It looks to me like the Beco is designed more like the Bjorn, right? I’d love to hear how you end up liking the Ergo when you start using it. I’m jealous you have the mesh one…

      • The Beco is actually much more like the Ergo :) It keeps baby’s hips spread and in the ‘M’ position. I reach for my Butterfly more than the Gemini and am also happy with Boba. I actually rarely use my Ergo and am thinking about selling it. xo

        • Gin, Thanks for your thoughts. I’m curious, is there one you like you best for babies 2-4 months? I’m sorta in this strange carrier transition where it seems like nothing is quite right…

          • Hands down, Beco butterfly. The insert that it comes with is wonderful. It’s used for babies up to 15lbs. The gemini is okay – I bought it when he was between 4 and 6 months, I’d have to go back and look through my blog posts! :) I love the BB2 so much that I would definitely consider a second one (for no good reason other than I love them and would like a new print/pattern in the mix!). Have you ever tried a ring sling? That’s also a good one for tiny baby (and toddler too!).

          • Gin – Thanks for the info. I have tried a ring sling, it’s just not that great for hiking purposes… The problem I’m having is carrying a baby around in the summer, my last two kids were born in the fall and keeping them warm in a baby carrier is easy, keeping them cool is proving to be more difficult!

  3. Melissa

    Other considerations that I took into account when choosing that may be of interest:
    – Bjorns allow you to face your kid foreward (on your front); Ergos do not (kid faces you always, whether front or back). This may be a dealbraker for some people but we still chose the Ergo!
    – I believe Ergos also have a much higher weight limit. I think the Bjorns only go up to 20-something pounds but the Ergos go up to 40-something pounds.
    – This is anecdotal, but I’ve heard/read from many moms that Bjorns are harder on the back. Some switched to Ergos and were in heaven.
    I wish I could add my own analysis but our Ergo is sitting in the closet waiting for baby to be born. Thank you for the post – hopefully, we made the right choice!

    • Melissa – Yes! Thanks, I totally forgot to mention that you can’t face your child forward in the Ergo. Something I would put in the “con” side of the Ergo, however I suppose you have to make a choice – Do you want your child to be able to face forward or have their legs wrap around your waist. Maybe the Transformer franchise needs to come up with a kids carrier…;)

      Congrats on expecting a new little one! I think you’ll love the Ergo. Did you get the infant insert? If not did you see Gin’s comment, she made her own…

  4. Beth

    I borrowed a Bjorn from my sister-in-law when my daughter was born. I liked it, but it was a KILLER on my back. Also she is very tall and now she is 21 lbs and it’s just not comfortable to carry her in it anymore. I haven’t tried the Ergo, but after this I think I will.

    • Beth – You would love it! The ergo offers hip support, so it’s much better for your back especially when your kids get bigger.

  5. Nea

    I have to admit that I have not used a Bjorn, but have LOVED my Ergo! I used the infant insert (which was warm) when our lil one was 6 weeks old. We love hiking, and the Ergo has been great for this. We also use the Ergo for regular daily activities, like shopping. It was an adjustment when we started wearing her on our backs, but she got used to it. Another great thing about the Ergo is that because of it being cotton and soft, I can roll it up and stuff it in my over-sized purse. This is nice because sometimes our daughter (who is now 17 months) wants to walk, but midway through our excursion wants Mommy to hold her, so outcomes the Ergo. Regarding facing forward, I recall reading somewhere that the pressure placed on the babies hips in the front position of the Bjorn was not the best thing long terms, but cannot recall where I read this.

    • Nea – Thanks for the comment. Wise to put it in your purse, it does come in handy often, especially at that age (around 17 months)! That’s why I wanted a Mei Tai, but maybe what I need is a bigger purse!

      • Nea

        I have an expensive canvas purse from Target I have started using. It can carry a lot of stuff, but is not big and bulky like a leather purse would be! I will randomly find some of my daughters stuff in it throughout the week after having thrown it in there on the weekend! The Ergo JUST fits in rolled up.

        • Nea – Yep, that’s what I need, a bigger purse. Mine is currently only big enough to hold a phone and a wallet. Nothing else. Seems like I usually end up toting a cloth shopping bags everywhere. I need a bonafide purseish bag, I’d look like less of a bag lady…

  6. I used the Belle baby carrier until J-Man was about a year old and then switched to the Ergo. I’ve never worn him on my back with the Ergo and he’s too long for the front now.

    • Melissa – Thanks for the comment. I’ve never heard of the Belle, just checked it out. You should try the Ergo on your back! It works great, and is a lot more low profile than the backpack (for museums, shopping, or hikes when you don’t know if your child will make it or not).

  7. I am a huge supporter of ERGO. If you search online there are many studies done as to the physiological benefits of how the ERGO works. With the Bjorn carrier the bulk of the child’s weight is supported by their crotch with legs dangling, thus hindering hip development. The ERGO offers a healthy “c-curve” to the lumbar spine and pelvis. Further more the Ergo also offers a hip carry not only front or back. Most men have longer torsos and children must get use to being worn on daddy’s back. Dad can make this easier by wearing the carrier higher up allowing baby to see over his shoulders. Over time slowly lower them until they get use to daddy’s back. I had the same issues with my own son. There are also Mei Tai style carriers out there that are conducive to long-term wearing. Some brands to check out would be Napsack, Kozy, and Babyhawk. Babyhawk makes another great soft structure carrier called the Oh Snap which I LOVE! I believe there is a separate carrier for each activity. Bjorn style carriers are not the best on the market but are popular. You can find many used because people don’t like them. ERGOs are hard to find because people LOVE them.

    • Corey – Thanks for all this great information! So many carriers to check out, so little time… ;) Ya, I couldn’t sell my bjorn for $20, and when a friend of mine finally found a used Ergo online it was gone in a matter of minutes! So glad the child carrier world is evolving for the better.

  8. I loved ring slings for my newborns. They’re super easy to nurse in and nap in, as well as for upright holds. And for hip carries later on. Baby K’tan is also a great carrier right from the get go. It wears like a Moby, but is much less fabric and holds its shape better (and baby can face out for those who want to do that). I’ve never tried a Bjorn because any carrier than puts the baby’s knees lower than his/her hips places too much weight on the spine. I’m also of the same opinion as the creator of the Ergo that babies shouldn’t face forward because they can get overstimulated and have no way to turn away. However, I’m just now learning to appreciate facing out as it’s the only way I can still babywear my almost-two-year old. I have a Pikkolo (a soft-structured carrier [SSC], similar to Ergo) that allows for forward facing. My friend has a Beco Gemini that she loves for forward facing. Both also work great facing in and on the back. Yay for babywearing!

    • Mandi – I wish you would have lived next door to me when I was trying to use a ring sling. I always felt like it took some sort of talent that I clearly lacked. It was just never all that comfortable for more than 10 minutes. But I know people love them! Thanks for all the great information, I’m off to look up these other carriers you mentioned, I’ve never heard of the Pikkolo…

  9. Kara

    Have not used a Bjorn, but I -loved- my Ergo. Took a bit of learning to sling my son onto my back (at first I always did it over the couch…), but once I got the hang of it, it was fine. Was super comfortable, and easy on my back. I am almost 5’2″, and about 130lbs. Only used it a bit as a front pack, but did not buy the insert. He was pretty small when I put him on my back, but it kept him warm and happy. On the OR coast too hot was not really a consideration, but in the foggy winter a fleece wrapped around him plus the fact that he was against my back kept him warm and snuggly for windy beach walks. I used the pack at my house a lot as well, he was a bit of a kangaroo as a baby! Liked the fact that he could ride until he was able to use it when he was a bit bigger, too, for hikes when he tired out especially. So, ERGO wins in my book!! :)

    • Kara – I actually still get a little nervous when I put my son on my back, especially now that’s he’s so active (aka hardly ever holds still). Thanks for weighing in!

  10. Tamara

    I had a Bjorn with my first and sold it because it made my back and shoulders hurt.

    I love my Moby wrap when they’re an infant on the front, but I haven’t mastered the art of putting it on my back yet. There is a steeper learning curve.

    Now I want to try some of these other carriers too.

    • Tamara – Ya, the back riding thing took me awhile too, and it still makes me nervous. I usually tried to put the kid on near a bed or the couch just incase. So far I have not dropped a child, but it is definitely a steeper learning curve!

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  12. We switched to a Boba from the Ergo.. very similar but it includes removable foot rests (awesome) and it’s a little slimmer… I also use the mei tai because it packs so light and always have a ring sling on hand for quick trips and airplane naps (my 26 pound–19 month old will still sleep sideways in a sling:)

    • Stephanie – Really, a removable foot rest? That sounds like a really good idea. I wonder if I could make one of those… I’ll have to find some pictures. Cool! I also can’t believe your 10 month old will still sleep in a ring sling. YOu must be doing something right!

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  14. I have a mei tai that I love, I still use it with my 35 lb toddler when he is too tired to walk. They are REALLY easy to make. I made mine in less than an hour.

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  16. I love the moby for when they are really little (newborn to whenever they fit well into the ergo) I actually ONLY had a moby throughout the first two years of my first boys life–right before I got pregnant, he was 18mons, 25lbs and I would put him in the moby to hike 10miles. That was really stretching the capabilities of the moby, looking back. We always had a bjorn that my husband used, but I hated it because being used to the moby, it really hurt my back. I got an ergo right after this baby was born (for $20 off craigslist) and now I love it! I still use the moby for hiking since my newbie is only 3 months and the ergo just isn’t comfortable enough for us yet (he’s right at 15lbs). But I use the Ergo for quick trips to the grocery store and it’s very smilar to the moby, weight distribution wise.

    • Sara – Wow, I’m impressed you hiked with a 25 pound kid in a moby! That’s pretty hard core. It seemed like my wrap for uncomfortable (started to sag) after about 15 pounds, but I had a homemade version, so I’m sure it was sub-par. I can’t believe you found an ergo for $20! That’s awesome!

  17. I love my Ergo. It’s a little short for my now two year old, but it still works in a pinch. My favorite things about it are the sleeping hood and the more even weight distribution. I have some babywearing friends that prefer the Boba (the body is longer).

    • Dee – Good to know. I have a short torso so I never really thought about that, is the whole carrier just longer or is it more adjustable, do you know?

  18. Sonya

    Love the ERGO. Did you know it is rated up to 90lbs? Why 90lbs? I have no idea. I can’t imagine a situation where I would be thankful for that! However… it was nice to have the security of the 90lb rating when we tossed my 30lb son in it for a train ride, train transfer and several city block walk to Wrigley field for a Cubs game and the sun cover kept his sleeping head from wagging around on the return trip after the game. Made navigating security and the airport a breeze! Gotta have it. Wish I had known about it much sooner than I did! Would have bought it when he was born.

    • Sonya – I know, 90 pounds is a bit much, I think I’d tip over. I agree about the easy navigation in crowds, it’s far better than a stroller!

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