Play Date @ Tahoe. Sand vs Cement.

I finally got to see Lake Tahoe yesterday on pretty much the coolest play date ever. With only a 1:2.5 child to parent ratio the day really could have gone either way; but we ended up having a blast. In fact the two youngest even took naps in the beach tent! I have a feeling Tahoe will be seeing a lot of us this summer. Although next time we’ll have to bring the crawdad catcher Joe and Ari have been working on, and some paddle boards…

In the course of the past week my kids have also enjoyed two other water play dates. One at a swimming pool, the other at a water park. While fun in their own right, at both of those places my kids lasted about an hour or two. They lasted all day at Tahoe. There’s something about the presence of sand, and the absence of cement (and crazy kids everywhere) that puts us all at ease. Anyone else noticed that?

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  1. We are coming to Tahoe in July. Hopefully we can see you when we come!

    • Becca – That would be awesome! Let us know when/where, we would love to drive over the mountain and see you!

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  3. J. E. A. L. O. U. S. Looks wonderful! Can’t wait til I’m there with you…

    • Liv – Yes. The paddle board trip around the lake is calling us. Or maybe a two person kayak circumnavigation of the lake with an overnighter…

  4. trieste

    We go to Tahoe every summer with our family (like 30 people). I dont think I can describe in words the love I have for that place. Did you know that a lot of cities in Cali have their own campgrounds around Tahoe?

    • Trieste – Really?! That’s awesome, I really want to camp there, maybe in the fall. As far as large bodies of water go, I actually like it better than the ocean…

  5. I’ve experienced a similar contrast in behavior and interest in nature vs. paved, constructed areas. C&T last waaay longer outside, I think partially because there are so many different things they can do that they’re never really bored. In contrast, at the swimming pool there are a set few things they can do, then they get bored of the setup and want to go find sticks or something. I wonder if this is still true for kids who don’t get outside as much as yours and mine – do kids who are more comfortable (or used to being) inside still play longer in nature?

    • MamaBee – Good question… I did notice something interesting today at our playground play date. My kids got bored with the playground and started wandering off into a nearby natural area. The other kids followed, but it was the parents who didn’t really like the idea of the kids being away from the playground area. They kept trying to lure them back. Just an observation…


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