You’re Kicking Me Out of the House?

I was crabby yesterday. It’s already been a loooooong week. It was obvious I needed a break (which for me entails doing something physically exhausting). I always feel guilty taking ‘time off,’  so when Joe suggested I take a ride I gave him a laundry list of things I had to do.  Joe saw through the excuses; he did what he had to do. He loaded my bike into the van and kicked me out of the house.

I felt better the instant I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a bike, a dog and 2 (almost) empty car seats. I biked until the sun went down. Came back sweaty and tired, with scraped legs and a sunnier disposition. It reminded me that I need outdoor play time too.

I’m curious. If you were kicked out of your house for an hour or two, what would you do?

P.S. Grocery shopping doesn’t count.

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  1. We’ve been known to photograph a few deer when kicked out of the house… and we kick our selves out a lot in November.

  2. Lacey

    Green Valley Loop all the way baby!

  3. Amy

    Lindsey, I was wondering if you would do a section on Dutch oven cooking?

    • Amy – I could use a post on Dutch Oven cooking too! We have one but I never use it. I know, it’s terrible. I hope to use ours more this summer. I’ve got a few friends that use them so I’ll ask around and do a post in the coming weeks. I am however planning to do a post next week on what I DO cook when we camp… Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Amy

        Thanks Lindsey! Can’t wait to read it next week!

  4. Janie

    I would probably exercise in some way or another. I love just going for a jog when it’s nice weather or even just going for a walk outside does wonders! I’m not a huge biker but I LOVE exercising and it always puts me in a way better mood when I’m done.

    • Janie, Lacey, Elusive – I would join you in a heartbeat. If I lived by you…

  5. Great post! This is SO true. I would probably go for a run if I only had a bit of time – but that is definitely my way for getting the sulk-out when I’m aggravated, mad, or stressed. Climbing is certainly the best thing for my husband (Ryan) and I to get out of a funk. There’s something about roping up (or just bouldering) with him that gets us back in sync. Love the picture (dog + bike + empty carseats = greatness :)

    • Laura – I have all sorts of theories about continuing to climb with your spouse. Beats a movie date any day!

  6. Today I would go in search of a spot out of the wind to hike and explore in peace and quiet. (then I’d head to the coffee shop for something sugary that I wouldn’t feed Doodle, and listen to my bellydance songs on repeat. But that’s not outdoorsy.) ;)

    • MamaBee – Don’t worry, outdoorsy is not a requirement here. If you asked me today what I would do, I would crawl in the van and take a nap.

  7. Lauren

    I would go on a hike up Card Canyon or perhaps the Crimson Trail with you, Linds. Oh wait…that will have to wait for your next visit :P

  8. Oh wow… I was thinking what I would write as my comment… what I would do if kicked out of the house… and I thought: Card Canyon or something else up Logan Canyon. Hike til the sun goes down, come home covered in dried sweat. LAUREN STOLE MY ANSWER!!!

  9. oh my goodness – that is such a sweet bike!!!

  10. Beth

    I would go hiking or take a bike ride. Unfortunately the weather isn’t good enough for either right now. What do you do in the snow and or mud/rain?

    • Beth- Hiking in the rain is surprisingly therapeutic, just wear old shoes… Or go see a movie;)

  11. Glad you got some time outside. I guess with the weather we are having, I’d go cross-country skiing on a day off.

    • Mel – Cross-country skiing! Wow, for a second I forgot that not everyone lives in a desert. Hope you guys thaw soon!

  12. JuanRamon

    Everyone in MY family knows: the cure for crabby is sweat. If I’m kicked out, the trailhead is right around the corner. The essential question: boot, bike, or skinny ski?

    • JuanRamon – Life is all about decisions, sounds like you have to make some tough ones!!


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