The Backyard Birthday Calendar

Every morning Ari has started going outside, climbing up the step ladder, and checking the progress of the budding trees and shrubbery. An aspiring Botanist perhaps? Not exactly. He’s actually been checking the trees to see if it’s his birthday yet.

Since Ari can’t really comprehend how long a year is we typically speak to him in terms of seasons. Thus Ari’s mental birthday calendar looks something like this:

No Leaves and cold: Dad’s Birthday
Blossoms and new leaves: Moms Birthday
Leaves starting to change colors: Isaac’s Birthday
Leaves falling off trees: Ari’s Birthday

So, while one might think he’s out there solely to observe the wonders of spring renewal, he’s actually got much more ‘important’ things on his mind.

As a side note. Have you ever gone out and checked the progress these buds make in a 24 hour period? It’s amazing! Every day there are changes happening that even a young child can pick out. I highly recommend the morning plant check. To add an art or math component to the day have him/her draw the daily progress of the buds or measure it’s progress.

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  1. Becky

    Cool pict Linds. Almost as cool as the kid – okay, maybe it’s a toss up. Well… I don’t know, Ari is extra cool…. A fantastic capture of your exceedingly fantastic kid!

    …around our house we listen for witch’s cackles and the tinkling of little bells to announce birthdays…. (halloween and Christmas)

  2. Crystal (Topham) Walker

    Love this Idea!

    • Thanks Crystal and Liv for the comments. Ari does have a lot of focus, if only I could influence what he wants to focus on, like not loosing his shoes 4 times a day…

      • Yes, I could do with not losing my shoes (and my phone, my keys, and a ponytail holder) four times a day too!

  3. I love it. Considering his fascination with presents, I can see the draw of looking at the trees everyday to see if there are any presents that need opening. I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid with the focus that boy has!

  4. I love everything about this post. Like becky said, the picture is awesome. I think the heading’s great and the content is very….you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. kdog

    We collected every different kind of bud we could find on our walk home from the library yesterday. Wouldn’t have even thought to point them out to my kids if I hadn’t just read your post. Cool. :) I think Milo might have eaten one of them, but what happens in the privacy of the stroller visor stays under the stroller visor, right?

  6. Leslie

    Hi Lindsey – thanks for putting together such a cool site. I love the outdoors but we haven’t been camping since my son was born (he’s 3). I’m often discouraged by how crowded the parks get in Northern California but you’re site made me that I should do some more research. Thanks!

    • Leslie- Thank you so much for the compliment! Glad you like the site. I agree, crowds take just about every bit of fun out of camping. You have to get creative. Camp in the off season, find some BLM land, look for primitive campsites, camp with friends so that at least your surrounded by people you know/like or get out of Northern CA!!! Haaaha, just kidding. There are some awesome places in Northern CA. You have to take advantage!


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