My Favorite Lantern – The Apollo

I just ordered another Apollo Lantern from Black Diamond. I’ll soon be the proud owner of 2 of these. Here’s what I love about this thing:

  • We’ve had our first one for 2-3 years, it’s still working as good at the day we bought it, and we’ve put it through a lot.
  • It’s small, but get’s pretty bright. We stopped packing our coleman lantern the day we bought the Apollo. It’s so much easier to pack, use and maintain.
  • It’s versatile. Hang it in the tent /van as a nightlight (dim setting), clean up dinner by the light of the lantern, read, use it as a spaceship (Ari’s favorite), or if your Joe, use it to attract the nocturnal insects your studying. This is why we need more than one.
  • The battery life is amazing.
  • It’s also small and light weight enough for backpacking.

I don’t know… just thought I’d throw this out there incase you needed a little help spending your REI dividend or have a little extra tax return laying around…

A good ‘technical’ description and a few more reviews can be found here.

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  1. Brian

    We also love this lantern! We have the same thing except our doesn’t have the little legs. So far we have only used it for reading in a fort built in our basement. The first camping trip we took it on, we were so beat we were in bed before dark.

    • Brian – Thank you for pointing out it’s fort illumination capabilities, I forgot to mention that very important feature. Which lantern do you have? We thought about trying the orbit or the titan but when you have a good thing going… Now I’m wishing I would have tried the titan, I’m just now realizing it’s 3X brighter! Geez.

      • Brian

        We have the Orbit. I got it from Eddie Bauer of all places (I returned some Christmas clothes and had some money left over so picked it up on a whim).

  2. Wow. Something I’ve never heard of! I have a dividend that needs to be spent… how did you know? Truly, this is something I could really use–we don’t have a lantern! And if you AND Brian like it, it must be good! =)

    • Liv and Becky – You would love it. And as Lacey pointed out it’s light enough to stick to things with velcro. Can’t go wrong there.

  3. Becky

    Geez – that thing is tiny and weighs only 1/2 a pound about. How cool is that!

  4. Lacey

    This little lantern is truly amazing. We stuck a velcro piece on the top of ours so it would stick to the carpet on our camper shell. Love it!!!

  5. Amy

    Lindsey, I love reading all of your good ideas! We are going camping next weekend, and I’m going to use all of your ideas!

    • Thanks Amy. I’m glad my random thoughts can be put to use. If you ever find yourself needing more ideas, I do take blog post requests… have fun camping!

  6. jill

    uhm…my brother designed that. Seriously he’s a designer at Black Diamond and he designed it. He gave us one and we LOVE it too.

    • Jill – Are you serious?!? Haaha, give your brother a big hug for me! Talk about a family full of creative genes.

  7. Hey! I just got one of these on Steep and Cheap. I love it.

  8. Josh

    BD has a sale on these now: 20% Off Apollo lantern: Enter code hotapollo at checkout. *

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