Make Camping Less Stress: Build a Mobile Kitchen

There are two things that usually deter women from being enthused about camping. Food Prep and Hygiene. As women it seems like we’re born with this innate need to have a well stocked kitchen, to make sure everyone is well fed…and to go to bed clean. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but I’m not a fan of packing up the kitchen every time we embark on a camping trip. I’m also not a fan of getting out in the middle of nowhere without something like, utensils (trust me, this has happened, it’s hard to eat spaghetti with a pocket knife).

To remedy this I’ve assembled a ‘kitchen box’. Everything in this box STAYS IN THE BOX. Always! Having a mobile kitchen makes the packing process seems much less daunting knowing you don’t have to pack up your kitchen.

Most of the stuff in our box (list below) came from thrift stores, surplus wedding gifts, Ross, things my Mom was throwing out when she upgraded her cooking ware, etc. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Once you have assembled your wares, buy a plastic tote from the local whatever mart, throw everything (I mean neatly stack) in there, and whala! Your mobile kitchen. I know it looks like a lot, but trust me, it fits snugly in a 66 quart tote.

Here’s what’s in my kitchen box:

  • Pots – 3-4 of various sizes, get at least one more than you think you’ll need so you can have a clean pot for heating dish water.
  • Skillets – 1 medium and 1 small seems to be fine.
  • Plates & Bowls – One for each camper and a few extra. Or insert the word “paper” in front of this item.
  • Utensils – Forks, knives, spoons and don’t forget the baby spoons.  Put them all in a small travel pouch or large cup.
  • Knives – The ones that come with the sheaths are my favorite. Get a couple small ones and a big one.
  • Cutting Board – Small one will do.
  • BBQ Lighter – One like this.
  • Matches or lighter – Just in case your fancy BBQ lighter dies.
  • Ziploc Bags – Take a few different sizes out of your kitchen, shove them all into one large zip loc. They come in handy.
  • Paper Towels – A very big roll. Wipe your pots out before you wash them, makes the dish water last longer.
  • Spatula
  • Whisk
  • Serving/Stirring spoons – 2-3, the kind with long handles.
  • Can Opener
  • Vegetable Peeler
  • Cheese Grater
  • Splatter Screen – Keeps grease down on your stove and makes a great spaghetti strainer.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • 2 Plastic Tubs – For doing dishes I use this. But I wish I had 2 of these.
  • Towels/Dish Rags – I have about 8-10 kitchen towels, primarily used for drying dishes, and kids.
  • Dish Sponge
  • Biodegradable Soap – I use campsuds for my dish and hand washing needs.
  • Tupperware – 3-4 of various sizes, handy for leftovers.
  • Mugs – Essential on cold mornings.
  • Cups – Drinking cups, sippy cups, water bottles.
  • Spices – Pack all your favorites. Salt, pepper, season salt, garlic powder, red pepper, cinnamon and don’t forget sugar.
  • Oil – Small bottle of olive or vegetable oil.
  • Tin Foil – Handy for makeshift lids, biscuits on the fire, roasting veggies or tin foil dinners (I’ll have to post my recipe).
  • Garbage Bags – I toss in a whole bunch of plastic grocery bags as well as some big black trash bags.
  • French Press – I’m not a coffee drinker myself but I hear this or a filter cup with filters comes in handy.
  • Propane – Or whatever fuel fits your stove.
  • Hot Dog/Marshmallow Roasters – The real deal, or the ones made out of hangers (might not fit IN tote, if not keep on top).
  • Stove – My stove doesn’t fit in the plastic tote, so it lives on top of the tote.

I actually really like to cook when I’m camping, partially because I know I have all my gear in order and partially because we usually camp with friends, and it’s just really nice to have good company to cook for and to cook with.

Download Kitchen Box Checklist Here

Did I miss anything? What’s in your mobile kitchen?

Now that your kitchen box is assembled here are my three favorite camping dinners a meal that’s so versatile it can be made three different ways.

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  1. Becca

    I LOVE this post! I have a permanently-packed mobile kitchen, too, but mine is for hotel rooms with microwaves (since it’s a tour list instead of a camping list). But your list has some things on it I need to add to mine, and I never thought of putting it all into a big tote. That’s brilliant.

    Thanks for writing this all up–and thanks for the checklist!

    • Becca- I laughed out loud at your mobile kitchen for hotels, only because it’s so you guys! Genius!

  2. Great post! When I first met Josh and hung out with him on weekend field trips, his well-stocked camp kitchen totally impressed me. Single dudes take note. ;)

    We’ve got a griddle that fits nicely over our 2-burner stove and works great for burgers for dinner and pancakes for breakfast. When we added it to the camp kitchen we also added some homemade pancake mix – just add liquids to the jar, stir, then pour onto the griddle. We’ve also got honey for the pancakes in the kitchen.

    • MamaBee – Thank you for pointing out the kitchen box’s versatility. So true! Also, a big griddle is a great idea. I’m getting one. Do you think you could find one like yours online and post a link, is ti cast iron? Where does one find one of these?! I always wondered how Josh snagged you…

    • Roo

      love the pancake mix idea

  3. Oh, and the initial reason I wanted to comment (dang foggy brain): our camp kitchen was the best thing we brought on our cross-country move. We used it while camping, then used it for the additional month that we were without most of our belongings and living in a temporary apartment. We supplemented it with thrift store finds (baking dishes, a larger pot, some more plates) but it was that camp knife, spatula, spoon, etc. that really got us by the first couple of weeks. So the camp kitchen can really help as a transition kitchen supply stash while moving too!

  4. carly yates

    Thank you Lindsey, we are just trying to get a kitchen put together for camping and now I have the perfect check list.

    • Carly- Glad I could help. Keep me posted on your adventures!

  5. Lacey

    Only missed one thing…. dishwasher/ husband. Haa haa.
    Love the plug for Ross, was there just yesterday trying to find knifes with hard plastic covers so we can stop cutting ourselves when digging in the utensil bag.

  6. trieste

    Love love the printable check list! We have a teapot/kettle. It is handy to heat water while everyone is eating. It can be bulky, but useful. Thanks again!

    • Trieste- That’s actually a really good idea. I might try and replace one of my pots with a kettle. Ya, think i’m going to need a bitter tote…

  7. Love this post! I am all about ease and having a mobile kitchen definitely makes all aspects of camping easier. We have a mobile kitchen which is stored away with our on the go camping gear. We keep all of our gear in two large totes so it is always ready for last minute adventures.

    • Melissa – I’ve been thinking I need to do a camping tote post next. Maybe next week… You’ll have to check back and see if I missed anything.
      Kristen – Hadn’t thought to gather different buds and compare. Your better at this than you think!
      Liv – Can you believe I’ve never made pancakes camping… I know. I’m embarrassed. Must remedy that next month.

  8. Love the downloadable checklist! Great idea Lins–you’re so helpful. I also really like Mamabee’s idea of a pancake mix ready to go–just add water. I’m adding one to my camping box for when I head out again in a few weeks!

  9. Becky

    I haven’t had a mobile kitchen since Death Valley… aw the days. I actually threw the idea out to Weston just a few days ago that we sell the camper and he said – “but then we have to pack the kitchen each time” – my response was something about a tote with kitchen stuff. If the conversation happens again, I’ll redirect him to this post. I still can’t decide between our pop up camper and camping in the minivan… but I’m leaning toward the more minimalist option of minivan only… hmmm.

  10. Nicole

    I love your blog. We decided when we went on a 3 month internship to go ahead and purchase all the things we would need for a camping kitchen. It has made camping so much easier. And ‘camping’ for three months on our internship was really fun as well. One of my favorite things about camping is that my husband does all the cooking. He loves camping cooking and I love to relax and just eat.

    • Nicole – Where did you live/work for 3 months? Sounds like my version of the American dream, living around a campfire and letting your husband do the cooking…

  11. trieste

    So I just updated and cleaned my kitchen, one thing I added was a can of non stick spray(pam). I am going to try it out next week and see if it is worth the space.

    • Trieste – Ya, let us know. Where are you headed next week???
      MamaBee – Thanks for the link. Talk about a sweet wedding present!

    • liopez

      I use, instead of Pam with the aersol n all the chemicals, I have something fromPampered Chef called the kitchen spritzer. You put your own oil, be it corn olive, whatever init n it spritzes better than Pam. I love it!

  12. Lael

    I’m going to tape this list to the top of my box so I don’t forget what I have inside and double-pack it.

    • Lael – I need to do that too, I take stuff out and wash it when I get home and sometimes it doesn’t exactly make it back in the box.

    • I recommend taping a plactic cover to the container and inserting the list into it. That way it says protected from dirt and water splashes. I also do this for instruction books/warrenty info to other items, such as my protable sewing machine or power box.

  13. Love, love, love it!!! Lindsey, you are THE best. Thank you. My husband is wondering why I keep referring to you – like every day now… because you’re a genius! This is perfect for my current prepping for it’s-not-raining-every-single-day-so-we-can-go-camping-season! Thanks.

  14. So, I didn’t mention that I am hoping you have a follow-up post on what you actually cook, (you know, eventually… no rush), that is yummy and easy to clean up… my husband actually got rid of our dutch oven because he hated cleaning it so much… And I am so impressed that you like to cook!

  15. Becky

    Looks like you’ve got the necessities. I kept thinking you were missing wipes (especially clorox) but that could go on a camping gear list. We have small condiment bottles that are stashed in the back of our fridge in a bag that are grab and go–ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, syrup and butter–because they are a necessity for my husband and kids. We also have some simple food stored as back-up/just-in-case like cans of soup, chili, and fruit and granola bars, crackers, and of course marshmallows. I also love our fold-up table for food prep (that would need to go under the box :) like the stove).

    • Becky – Great suggestions, thanks! Yes, a fold-up table is key. We also use ours to make a shelf in the back of the van so that all the totes and bags stack better, it’s pretty handy. What kind of fold out table do you have? I like the idea of a grab bag in the fridge, we usually take a few extra catsup, mustard and mayo packets when we’re at a deli or fast food joint, then stash those in your camping box. Not that I’m condoning that…wink wink.

      Liz – I’m not dutch oven savy either. I always think I’m going to learn, but that would require sitting around the coals waiting for the food to cook, I’m just not that patient. But it tastes SO GOOD! I’ll do a post on our favorite camping foods next week, then hopefully we can get some additional ideas.

  16. Maren Clark

    Lindsey, that is a brilliant post! I am always amazed at how “put together” you guys are when you go camping. I could use some help!

  17. Marshall

    Rapidly becoming my favorite website. Keep up the good work!

  18. Laura

    Lindsay, you read my mind.. I have been racking my brain for the things we ‘always’ forget as I make my first camp cook box, where things actually STAY. Genius. I agree cooking from scratch while camping is an essential part of the experience. you are rad.

  19. Holly

    I have purchased all 3 sizes of the collapsable lidded bowls from Pampered Chef that are awesome! They are compact when folded flat and the lid is priceless! These are a staple in my home and I have a second set for camping.

    • HOlly – I’ve never heard of those. They would be perfect! THanks for the tip, I might need to get a few!

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  23. Logan

    Great list! I also like to have along a collapsible water jug like mine in this picture

    I have very similar items to yours always but for camping, but hold it all in my late grandfathers vintage camp kitchen.

    • Logan – I’m so jealous of that vintage camp kitchen! That thing is awesome, I’m going to have to start looking for one of those…

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  25. Kaye

    I too have a camp kitchen all packed up in tubs. One thing I added this year was a portable gas grill. Only $20. Of course it doesn’t fit in tub, but folds down where it wont take up much room. Uses sm propane canister. Hoping it makes cooking more fun.

  26. Gwen

    for small knifes I use a tooth brush holder. then for other knifes, I cut a milk jug to size and duck tape it closed. that way I don’t have to spend to much on knifes with sheaths.

  27. Roo

    Great job Lindsey ! add mixing bowls, measuring cups,
    blender, hand mixer, pitchers. OCD cook. Sorry.

    • Roo – Thanks for the ideas! I usually try to use the measuring cup on the side of my nalgene bottle, but it never works out that great… Measuring cups would actually be a welcome addition!

  28. Bekki

    May I suggest a tablecloth be added to this list. A cheap plastic covered one with the cloth backing. These are amazingly useful and can be used to cover all of your gear in case of sudden rain :) Great list. I also have a set of cheap plastic measuring spoons and measuring cups in my camp kitchen kit. and plenty of ziplocks.

    • Bekki – Thanks for the ideas. I’ve actually never packed a table cloth, but I think I’ll throw one in. Thanks!

    • Janelle

      My measuring cups were collecting dust til this weekend and they were used twice. More than a valuable edition to the tub.

  29. I just found your site…FABULOUS!!! One suggestion for carrying your knives…cut a piece of light weight cardboard twice the width of the blade. Fold it around the knife and seal with duct tape (pretty color of course). The knives travel safe and you don’t get cut reaching in the camp box.

    • Jo – Thanks for the compliment, and your ideas. The homemade knife sheath would definitely be enhanced by colored duct tape! :) Thanks!

  30. Sandy

    Nice tips but “whala”? Seriously? The word is ‘voila.’

    • Sandy – Hahaa! Whala is the small town Utah version of voila. ;)

  31. Put a bar of soap in a knee high stocking. Tie it to the handle of an empty Clorox bottle. No poke a small hole about an inch above the bottom of the container and insert a golf tee. This will become your hand washing station at camp. Whe you first pull the tee, only enough water to get the hands wet will come out. Soap up and slightly release the lid to rinse.

    • Jo – Hey, another great idea from you. I’ve seen the soap in the nylon before, but this goes above and beyond. :) Thanks!

  32. erin

    We have an almost identical kitchen box only difference is we keep a large water pitcher, table cloth, and pot holders in ours also!

  33. Linda

    On a similiar note, I repurposed a rolling suitcase with 4 plastic shoeboxes into my rolling camp kitchen. With the additional inside and outside pockets, I was able to store all cookware, tableware, spices, utensils, etc….. Size is comparable to the plastic tote, but much easier for us to handle.

  34. Laurie

    For my portable sink, I use the tubs that we got at the hospital when various members of the family spent time there. I have 3 of them in my kit. One for soapy water, one for rinsing and one for sanitizing. (I was a Girl Scout Leader and sanitizing was a mandatory part of the clean up after meals. Just put some clorox in clear hot water). These can also be used for “bathing”, like a sponge bath. Also, when looking for pots and pans, make sure you get some that can also be used over a fire. I have one bigger pot that is only used to heat water in. It’s used for everything from hot chocolate to dish washing and face washing. Just take the needed amount of water for each task out of the big pot that is sitting on a grill over the fire.

    The hand washing unit described above is a god send! We’ve used one for years! You can hang it from a low tree branch. Put some rocks and the ground under it or lash some heavier sticks into a mat to put under it. Helps with keeping a muddy area under it to a minimum. Tie a hand towel to the handle too.

    • Laurie, you sound like an old pro! Love the idea of a constant hot water pot sitting on the fire. That’s perfect! We always do the three bins (soap, rinse, sanitize) on big camping trips too–the nice thing is that with kids it gives everyone something to do in an assembly line fashion, and the dishes are done in no time. Thanks for sharing!

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  36. vicki ross

    I dont take anything in the pop up that doesnt do at least 2 things. I pack my kitchen stuff in a tote big enough to use for a dish pan. One of those Tuppperware cake transporter things will double as a bowl, a paperplate holder or a wash tub. Also I figured out a wok takes the place of a frying pan and a pan to boil water in. Throw all your clean dishes in a mesh laundry bag as you wash them and hang it up. (Except the sharp knives) If you can use a crock pot you can use a dutch oven. There are several excellent dutch oven cook books out there. (Mine are packed in the camper or I’d get the names for you) Nothing better than throwing everything in the dutch oven in the morning when it s still cool, and not having to sweat over a hot stove in the evening. And now they make liners for them so cleaning up is easy-peasy. Been a camper all my life and still learning. Love your site.

    • Vicki – Thanks so much for your ideas. I love them all, and will be implementing the mesh laundry bag idea ASAP, it’s genius!!

  37. Sissy

    What an awesome list! I would add clothespins. They come in handy for bagged snacks that need to be closed, and they take up less room than chip clips. I also throw some old tablecloths in and a corkscrew/bottle opener. :)

    • Sissy – What a great idea, clothespins! Not to mention they could come in handy for hanging up wet towels and such. Thanks!

  38. Aimee

    I know most people don’t like it, but powdered milk is essential in our camping box. We don’t drink it by the glassful, but if you make up a little each day it stays fresh and there’s always something to put in your tea, coffee, or in my case, hot chocolate :)

    • Aimee – I’m with you on that one! I grew up on powdered milk so I don’t mind it a bit. My kids probably would, but in hot drinks, Mmmm.

  39. Julie Ball

    I have a camp kitchen tote also. I have a few things that you might like to add. I put several little boxes of matches in a small canning jar. They stay dry in the jar. I also have several nesting mixing bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons. Don’t forget the oven mitt./ pot holder. I use a wash basin as my “kitchen sink” and I have a small dish rack for drying. I place all my silver ware in a large pencil box. Take the whole thing out and find what you need. I use tiny boxes for a variety of spices which I then place in a larger box in case they pop open. They stay dry and I write on top what is in it. I place 1/2 and 1/2 in a mason jar for my coffee. (I cheat and bring a 4 cup coffee maker!) I also bring a medium size stock pot to boil water for dishes. I bring several 1 gallon buckets with lids to store water at the campsite. Go to your local grocery store that has a bakery and ask them for icing buckets or buy them from your local hardware store. Love your hints. Hope mine help!

    • Julie – Thank you so much for your ideas!! I love them all, and yes, I’ll be stealing a few :)

  40. Lisa

    I learned this trick from being a girl scout! So now I have my own box. One thing I did was type up my list, put it into a pastic page protector and tape it to the underside of the lid. It’ makes it easy to refer to when I need to replenish supplies.

    • Lisa – Good idea! Would have saved us last weekend from having no kitchen towels… ;)

  41. Connie

    Instead of a tub that I had to dig around in and pull everything out to get what I was looking for I bought a wider rubbermaid type 3 drawer. I was the envy of the other tailgaters. Like you it stays packed and ready to go. Love it.

    • Connie

      Oh I started with the smaller size and the one drawer kept opening up while traveling so I used masking tape to keep closed with one end folded over. I could use it over and over again.

  42. Janice

    What great tips! I was going to add the tip about making knife sheaths from cardboard, but someone beat me to it! :o)
    As I was growing up, we had a wooden camp kitchen that was made to fit inside our Ted Williams tent-camper. It was really nice, but heavy. Now I use a plastic tub. My son became disabled back in 1999 and we really haven’t gone camping (tent) since, but have gone on trips, staying in cabins that didn’t furnish everything – so the box still came in handy. Last year I started using the plastic 3-drawer units, like Connie mentioned, to hold my sons incontinence and tube-feeding supplies (a unit for each). What a time saver that is! This year I changed my kitchen box to one of these, also. Like Connie, I use tape to hold the drawers closed in transit. I have lists for each unit, that get tweaked after each trip. I’ll be printing out this post to glean the tips for future trips.
    Also, about the camp kitchen boxes – or chuck box – or patrol box – do a search as there are instructions floating around the internet on how to make them, if anyone wants to go that route.

    • Janice – Thanks for your comments! I might have to try this 3-drawer unit method, when I get a truck I think it would be perfect!

    • Regina

      You could use velcro on the drawers to keep shut while traveling.

  43. We created a camp kitchen this year with a large plastic tub. Last year the cooking stuff, game things, cards, campfire stuff… was all in the same tub. Made it hard to find anything. Now it’s really organized. I love it. We also went and bought an actual camp kitchen. It’s a large table you can set up when camping under a tarp or against your trailer. It has a place to hang your lantern, a place to put your paper towel roll, a dish basin, a spot for your camp stove, soft cupboards to store dishes, places to store spices… It’s awesome and I love it. Got it at Bass Pro.

    • Tanya – We’ve thought about getting a camp kitchen, they seem pretty handy. Right now we’re short on space, but maybe when we get a truck we’ll have to splurge!

  44. Kim

    We’ve recently added the Protein shake mixing cups to the camping box.. Its great for making drinks and scrambling eggs in the am. Just picked up 4 at Walmart for $25. Mixed 18 eggs for breakfast in 2 cups, and their super easy to clean after. Just add soap and water and shake!

  45. Carla

    I keep most of my Camp Kitchen in a plastic 3 drawer thing. Makes it easier to find things. Pots pans etc. are in a tote. towels, utensils, foil, spices, lighters etc in the drawers.

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  47. We have the same thing but instead of a tote, my husband made us a camp kitchen from some old wooden crates. Everyone that walks past our campsite has commented on our awesome set up… even people in those huge RV’s love our kitchen!

    • From the above post, click my name and you can see the picture of our 2 camp kitchen’s we have. They close up when not in use and to keep out overnight creatures.

  48. So glad I found this (and everyone else’s tips). We’ve just bought a camper trailer and as a beginner camper, I need all the advice I can get to help the camping go smoothly!

  49. Martin

    Hi Lindsey,

    Thanks for this post, it’s really good. One thing I could add is a simple knife sharpener. Something like a small Lansky ceramic rod would do the trick and take up very little space.

    There are bulky knife sharpeners out there but for a short camping trip you can get something that is small and light and doesn’t get in the way until you need it.

    There’s nothing worse than hacking your way through food preparation instead of slicing and dicing with ease.

    Regards, Martin.

  50. Sheila

    Great list – thanks for sharing! My son’s boy scout troop uses patrol boxes when they camp which is the same idea. It’s genius! I’m totally building my own now.

  51. Excellent article. I used your idea for an Emergency kitchen to add to our Survival items. Here is the link to an article I did with it. Thank you

    • Victoria – That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing the link!

  52. April

    Love this list, very similar to mine. I also keep a roll of aluminum foil and baby wipes in mine for quick kid and hubby clean ups. Seems we always need something we haven’t thought of though, never fails!

  53. I love the simplicity of your list. I suppose if I really think about it we can live on very little in our kitchen ‘camping’ cupboard, but if you want to know what’s on our list if we decide to take all but the kitchen sink I’d love you to follow this link.

    Smiles. Sarah

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  55. Janet

    I have put together several recipes on laminated index cards and put them on a ring. On one side is the list of ingredients and recipe ..on the other side is a list of any perishables to buy the day I am making it (we camp while traveling alot).

    • Janet – What a great idea! We’ll be on the roady camping most of the summer, so this is perfect!! I’m going to try this for sure. Thanks!

    • Janelle

      great idea! I have a 3 ring binder with my camp recipie collection. Yours is definitely more weather friendly!

  56. When we camp we cook on charcoal or open grill. I always pack a set of long handled barbecue utensils. Helps you from getting burned when you are playing with fire.

  57. Karen

    We use a large soft sided tackle box for our “camp kitchen”. The plastic lure holders are great for storing items. One is filled with utensils, one with spices and another with soap, sponges and miscellaneous things. They fit in the main compartment along with a cutting board and plates. The side pockets and front smaller pockets store cups and ziplock bags, candles, dish towels, a small first aid kit and other miscellaneous items. Works great!!

    • Great idea Karen!! Thank you so much for sharing. I might need one of those.

  58. Ashley

    We use the 3 drawer method of packing our camp kitchen and we have one to pack all the camp food. The bread, crackers, etc. have their own drawer so they never get smashed and I can easily find and direct my family to all the food! Plus since they are clear we can see what is in there. We used to use the box method but we got tired of digging trying to find what we needed and the bread always got squashed! The drawers have made our camping life easier and more organized!!

  59. Janelle

    I am a campfire cooking purist. I really hate to use a camp stove. I have added aluminum foil (the heavy duty kind), heavy duty gloves, and bbq utensils such as long tongs. I also have a lot of lil stuff like table cloth weights, kabob sticks, marshmallow/hot dog forks, had sanitizer and such. I don’t know what I would do with out my box! Just grab and go. And almost all from the dollar stores in my area!

  60. Laurel Bowen

    I actually have two smaller kitchen bins. 1 with cookware, batteries, camp fuel, cutlery, soaps, etc. The other contains snacks(keeps grand kids happy while I set up camp), empty flashlights, first aid kit w/ basic meds that get rotated out periodically, wash tubs, towels, hot mitts, foil. ziplocs. plates, bowls, cups, seasonings, dry food goods, can goods, fire roasting sticks, glow sticks, solar lights, camp hand wash station(collapsible water container, soap sock and bin to catch water below it), etc.

  61. Regina

    You can mix up pancake mix before going camping and put it in a old ketchup bottle and you have more control and no glass jar.


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