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Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

I went to a baby shower last week for a friend of mine (and fellow outsidemom). She’s currently the mother of two very active and adventurous little boys and is now expecting a girl. Girls can seem somewhat daunting to the average outside mother, I mean, wonder if your daughter turns out to be incredibly, you know, girly? When I saw this book I knew immediately it was the perfect baby shower gift.


Kerry and Alden. Bikepackers.

I met Kerry and her 4 year old son Alden at Coast Camp (a backpackers camp) in Point Reyes National Park. I noticed her and her son walking down to the beach and wondered how she managed to get her son down there; and in such a seemingly good mood! My eyes looked up the trail to where they had come from and I noticed a camp with 2 man tent and a mess of bike paraphernalia. I was intrigued.

Luckily the next morning when we passed by their camp they were up so I stopped by to chat. Turns out it was just her and her son and they had biked in. Her idea was so genius I have to share it.

1 adult bike
1 trail-a-bike (
1 bike trailer (
1 old dirt road turned bike trail (route highlighted in yellow below)

I REALLY wish I had a photo of their set-up to share, a mile down the trail I was kicking myself for not snapping one. Kerry was of course on the bike, Alden was on the trail-a-bike and all their gear was in the trailer. Of course the links above will lead you to drool over all sorts of new and fancy kid biking gear, but what impressed me most about Kerry’s set-up was that none of her stuff was new, nor was it name brand. Most of the stuff you need for a trip like this can be found at thrift stores or online classifieds, you don’t need to go out and drop a ton of cash to be able to do this. The other thing that really inspired me about Kerry was that she was there alone with her son. Orchestrating something like this by yourself, or even with a spouse/friend has the potential to sound a little stressful, but I’m pretty sure that if your child had the same smile on his face that Alden did, you would find that it was all worth it. Plus, check out some of the views awaiting you near a place like Coast Camp.

Anyone out there ever done the backpacking thing? Any tips?

Where’s All the Snow Going?

Today Ari and I were playing outside, it was sunny and the snow was melting pretty quick. Ari said “where’s all the snow going?” I took the opportunity for a little water cycle 101. We got a little clump of snow, set it on the patio in the sun, then laid down to watch and see if we could tell where it was going. It started disappearing, or rather melting right before our eyes! We talked about how the snow was turning into water and from there would do one of two things.

  1. It would seep into the soil to give water to plants.
  2. It would be evaporated back into the sky, turn into a cloud and later come back down as more rain or snow.

The coolest part was that we could actually see water vapor rising up from the patio. It was a beautiful moment.

I found this cool graphic of the water cycle when I did an image search, I loved it even more when I found out it was part of an online story made by kids called Water the Never Ending Story. The whole book is really well done!

How Sunlight Affects Health

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When the days grow shorter and darker, do you find yourself feeling blue? You’re not alone – and there are scientific reasons for that negative frame of mind. Studies show exposure to natural daylight can positively affect your mood, your alertness, and your overall health

This is from a great article by the National Wildlife Federation. We’ve all been there right? What I like most about the article is that it actually presents solutions to beating the winter blues! Check it out.

Mom’s Weekend. Point Reyes National Park.

Basically here’s what happened. Joe and I were sitting around the space heater one evening when Joes says to me “Lindsey, you know what I really want. I want to have a weekend alone with the boys, just me and them for a little male bonding.” I was really torn, how could I leave my babies for 4 days! Who would hang on my legs? Who would scream at the door when I was trying to go to the bathroom? Who would demand a cup of milk every 5 minutes? But, being the good wife that I am I told Joe I would go deep into the backcountry where no cell phone could reach me so that he and the boys could have the bonding time they needed. Pretty sure I deserve a reward or something.

Ok fine, I needed a break and Joe being the husband-of-the-year contender that he is was happy to kick me to the curb knowing full well I would come back a much more pleasant person to be around. Which I did. Every mother should have a chance to miss her kids and very mother should have an adventure every now and then. It was nice being able to have a few days where the only person I had to worry about was myself, to sit on the edge of a bluff overlooking the ocean and not worry about keeping my one year old from bailing over the edge. It was wonderful. Just what I needed.

And just incase you need a visual of what relaxation looks like, I’m including a few photos of my trip to Point Reyes.

Raw Meat + Surgical Gloves = Genius

I’m pretty sure my brother-in-law is a genius. We were all fighting over who was going to cut the chicken for the fajitas (no one wants potential salmonella hands while camping); so he walked over to his first aid kit, pulled out his surgical gloves and said “hand me the chicken”. Glad that medical school training is paying off. Note to self: Add surgical gloves to camping box.


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