The Brakes Work. Instantly.

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Back in the 90’s I perceived Cannondale as the brand that all the spandex wearing, rich wanna be mountain biking yuppies had. This was back in the day when we would go to Moab and bike slick rock, porcupine, etc in cut-off jeans, tevas and no helmets. A few things have changed since the 90’s, I started wearing a helmet, switched my biking foot gear from tevas to chacos and now have padded butt spandex biking shorts. And while I’m no longer riding the two sizes too big Iron Horse I had back in the day, I have been riding the same bike, my friend Jocelyn rode in some of those later days of Moab. Oh, and another thing has recently changed, I’m now a Cannondale owner.

Joe surprised me with a new bike, a bike I wanted but knew it was against our better judgment to buy it right now; even with a pro-deal on the table. Joe perceived it different, how can we afford NOT to get a bike when there is a pro deal on table. Our Brother-in-law manages a bike shop and therefore is entitled to a certain # of pro deals per year. He and his wife typically get new bikes every year but his wife (Joe’s sister) had a baby this year so there was a pro deal to spare, which they generously offered to us. Thankfully Joe went for it. We can always pay our savings back later. Right?

Here is her glamor shot stolen strait off the internet.

While in St.G visiting family I took her on a maiden voyage down Bear Poppy. A few noteworthy differences between this bike and Gary (my beloved late 90’s Gary Fisher):

1. The brakes work. Instantly.
2. When I go downhill it doesn’t sound like I’m dragging a bucket of bolts behind me.
3. The sifters shift promptly upon shifting.
4. It’s even smaller than Gary. So fun to maneuver.
5. When riding down a drop I don’t have to throw my weight back as far.
6. Riding uphill is effortless. I could have ridden up hill all day*. Now I can see how you people bike in the Wasatch.
7. Perhaps her only downfall is that I can’t catch as much air on the little kickers when flying downhill. Perhaps it’s because I have shocks that work??

Anyway, she’s nothing TOO fancy, but she’s all the fancy I need. I love it.

* And by all day I don’t actually mean all day.

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